Words which are funny in other languages

The Welsh for carrot is moron.


The french for croissant is le flange

I did not know that.



No need to bring ant into this

Did you know that Sitzriese is someone who is particularly tall when sitting.

I was not aware of that.

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@harru is Albanian for ‘forgot’

(Shrewbie found this.)

Maybe that means that the Albanian for forgot is funny in English, actually.

Always had a soft spot for the German for rubber glove, which is Gummihandschuh

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Who was it that describes a blowie as gummie or something? Was it Theo?


gloves in dutch is ‘handschoenen’ which means hand shoes.


Fucking hell, kitsch, those orange pricks just nicked that shit from the Germans.

this is now the dutch thread

hup hup

The German pronunciation of the letter ‘y’ is oopsey-lon. Always amused us in German lessons. As did the German word for ‘journey’, which is ‘Fahrt’.

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6 in German, obvs

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Blame the Greeks.

But enough about european financial instability…

“shut up” in Slovak (drž hubu) translates to “hold a mushroom” in English

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Poppity ping

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