Words Which Sound Amazing / Different In Foreign Accents



One of my workmates is called Toni. He is Finnish.
One of my workmates is called Bert. He is Dutch.

When Toni says Bert it sounds like “Berrut” and it makes me smile every time.


Enjoyed hearing different pronunciations of ‘Brexit’ around the time of the vote when I lived in London. Italian is the best


As a Welsh person, people used to find no end of amusement in my pronounciation of the words

Here (Like year with a h in front)
Toothbrush (The oo sounds the same as in look)
Saucepan (Sosspun)

Pretty sure it was that which neutralised my accent so that conversations wouldn’t be derailed by the same cycle of conversation.




Yeah, that’s a better way of describing it




I opened this thread with the purpose of saying that any word spoken in a Welsh accent sounds amazing. It might be the best accent of all.


Mikey Holding adding a middle syllable in the word ‘bowling’ whenever he commentates.




That’s less good


Like the way he pronounces ‘pavillion’, omitting the final ‘i’


Welsh and geordies pronouncing film as a 2 syllable word. ‘fillum’


I feel we’re beyond the glory days






Irish accents do this too (and probably best)


Quite like ‘fuck off’ in Welsh.



Not encountered this with Welsh accents, reckon you’re just lumping all the celts together


I speak in Cerys Matthews voice around the house all the time because it’s nice.


Have met her a few times and she doesn’t speak like that irl. Annoys the shit out of me