Words Which Sound Amazing / Different In Foreign Accents

I am shook!

Maybe Tommy Scott should have been the one who sang “I’ve never thrown my knickers at you”

Both Welsh people I know do this!

Just tried it in a west Wales accent and think it could work. I should never have doubted you.


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People with posho English accents say it more like air with an h in front

do you mean you say it like hyear or like hear

because hear and here sound the same to me

Same with me too, but English-os think it’s funny for some reason :cry:

I am almost exclusively known as ‘ton’ here in Spain.

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And the way he pronounces boundary

Quite enjoy saying dirty and murder in a Scottish accent. There’s been a durrrrty murrrrrdurrrr!

Turd, burger, burglar, etc

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Geordie accent / Helter Skelter
makes me smile every time

and photocopier

While watching Westworld I noticed that Anthony Hopkins still pronounces it this way, even though most of his Welsh accent is long gone. Made me do a smile

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Yeah, Tony Hopo still has a lot of Welsh inflections in his accent, one of my favourite of the genre, especially since he’s from my neck of the woods.

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Whereabouts is that?


Port Talbot way, just under 15 miles where I’m from. Very smelly town.

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My housemate says Schwalbe in a great German accent (she is Turkish)