Words you can't spell


Just found out I’ve been spelling ‘mantel’ (as in mantelpiece) wrong in my head for my entire life.

What words do you guys struggle to spell?


I get regular stick on accounts of how I thought it was “prenium” for quite a long time


I went through a phase where I forgot how to spell ‘character’ for some reason, but then someone on here gave me a tip on how to remember the correct spelling and I have not messed it up since, thanks


I always want to spell lounge like tongue or vice versa.


Probably loads, but I am particularly awful with punctuation :grimacing: I’ve been meaning to plan a night in with a glass of wine, some candles, sit and reaaally study a punctuation book.


Environment. I always want to miss out the n.


I always add an extra w when I type browswer




Which punctuation in particular? It took me a long time to work out colons and semicolons.


This used to be my big one, until I started remembering the vowel order as Oxford English Unicycle. It worked!


Well, those actually! And I’m never that confident with my … fuck, these… commas! (I forgot what they’re called) And hyphens. Also… bah, pretty much all of it :laughing:




Used to spell accommodation wrong


Supersede (always put a fucking ‘c’ in it don’t I)


I use more commas than most people because (to me) it reads better. Generally the idea is that you put a comma in when you take a breath in a sentence, but that only works if you breathe at the grammatically correct points of a sentence.




You see I know it has a mnemonic and I forget that as well!

(Also struggled big time with mnemonic just there. The fuck’s that m playing at?)


More pls, teach me imaperv!!! :smiley:


I was doing spelling for the kids I tutor, words with ie and ei and I had to look up more than one myself :weary:


This was one of the words I spelled wrong in a year 7 spelling test because I thought the teacher said “a commendation” (the school equivalent of house points). He acted like I was a total dickhead for having misheard it.

Then when I was on work experience at a paper a few years ago, it turned out he was being sentenced at the local court for having an affair with a pupil. WHO’S THE DICKHEAD NOW.