Wore some exfoliating socks on Tuesday

Absolute carnage now

Had to hoover my bed cause of all the skin thats falling off

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We had flaking soles by Wednesday?




I keep thinking about trying these even though my feet don’t really need any more exfoliating and it would probably be removing skin that I need. Not sure why I’m so keen to have dead skin falling off all over the place.

Ngl it is quite satisfying peeling skin off, like a good post sunburn peel

Yes, I had to bin some socks because of how much skin I shed. Sickening.

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Would that sort out my disgusting heels, do you think?

Got proper hard skin on my big toe knuckle and ankle. Been trying to moisteurise it might but try and get a pair of these bad bastards.

Why do i keep opening this thread

Feet are the worst


Thats why I got them

They havent

Want me to upload a pic?

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Oh warno

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I wore one on my face the other night but it didn’t work.
No skin off my nose.


I don’t really see the ap-peel tbh


Then again, I don’t get the exfolihate

I always leave them on longer than the instructions say. If it says 60-90 minutes, I’ll do a minimum of two hours.

Soak your feet each night for a bit in hot water. That’ll speed the peeling process.

From personal experience, Holika Holika’s and TonyMoly’s were really good. Skinfood’s Sparkling Mint one was a LET-DOWN. So disappointing. I also tried like 2 different Japanese ones (I can’t recall the brands) that were okay.