Wore some exfoliating socks on Tuesday

What do you think would happen if you wore exfoliating socks/did a foot mask every single night for say… a month??
Can you do this and find out please?

You know Heinz lentil soup?

Id be happy to put another pair on later but I dont have enough for a whole month, unless you wish to donate any

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It’s got a groove, it’s got a meaning
Feet are the time, are the place, are the motion
Feet are the way we are feeling

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Oh my god :nauseated_face:

Particularly the occasional slightly lumpy bit


I’m all about the exfoliation products, face masks and such. Like slathering charcoal all over my face, waiting for it to harden and then washing it off in the bath, so smooth feeling afterwards, it’s fab. I also like to stick things to my face when it’s wet too, make myself look like a monster and stomp around the house growling

does this make me an influencer?

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Quite squishy, those lumpy bits. Your molars go right through them, don’t they

You’re an awful man and I had to walk away from my phone for over an hour because of this

I’m just trying to have a conversation about soup

Fuck saaaaaake

We found unique ways to make ours work 2.5x faster, including a complex blend of deep-reaching acids,

It is widely regarded in Traditional Medicine as one of the miracle elixirs of life, thanks to its full suite of amino acids, fatty acids and beta carotene.

Our optimal blend of lactic & salicylic acid reveals new skin in as little as 3 days.

Too angry to peel my feet now.

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thought this was a jordan thread

Would you like me to peel them for you?

Funny how it was impossible to find skincare that didn’t contain chemicals. You’d think that would be really easy.

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Chicken Cottage first etc

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Might wang a pair on tomorrow

Yeah like 3 usually to start

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Not a fan in the end. Only took off the skin that was already quite soft and left the gnarly stuff untouched.