Work based events (general Pancake Day-themed chat permitted)




Please note that unfortunately due to workloads and other commitments, we are having to cancel/postpone this event!

Whether it is cancelled or postponed remains to be seen.


can we make this the pancake day build up thread? just for a minute.
you know how it’s best to make your batter half an hour before frying? well if you were to make it and leave it overnight would that be even better, the same, or worse, than making it 30 mins early? cheers


it’s too late to edit the thread title but feel free to discuss pancakes and pancake day in here.


Had our pancake day yesterday morning. Had one with cashew butter and blackberry syrup. Yeah so what if I am a massive player?


How would you rate cashew butter compared to regular butter?


I’ve fixed that for you (genuinely)


I wouldn’t, I would rate it against peanut butter.


I’m guessing that it’ll have to be postponed til next year if it is?


Oh yes, that makes a lot of sense.

Where would you rate it compared to Lowpan Peanut Butter then?


It makes a nice alternative. It was non-crunchy. I also had to stir the oil back into it which was annoying.

Please try.


Stirring the oil in makes you feel it’s more authentic though, like this is how they used to do it in the stone ages.

I’ll keep an eye out, I can’t say I’ve seen it on sale yet. Is it trendy in the UK now, or just a you-thing?


I’m ahead of the curve



Another vote for Davidoff It’s Just A Pancake, Lads.