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We are being ‘strongly encouraged’ to register for the company social media. I’ve avoided doing it for months - the thought of having ‘yamjams’ about continuous improvement, or LEAN really does nothing for me - yet last week I gave into the strong-arm tactics and signed up.

Does anyone else have one of these things at their workplace? Basically, a Twitter-lite place for people to wave their willies about and pat themselves on their back because they’ve finally found ‘a foolproof way to avoid mis-typing passcodes into the phone for conference calls’ or successfully saved ‘£1 by getting their rail tickets printed at office based kiosks rather than at the station’.

I could largely ignore it, but I get twice daily updates by email with a snapshot of the yammer highlights. So far, I’ve restrained from being a sarcastic fucker in the comments section, but I’m sure it’s only going to be a matter of time.

So yeah, you lot. Let’s have a yamjam. DiSjam? SoundPound?

Everyone at my work sits in the same room - I think it’s a bit redundant for us.

I can see the benefits for larger organisations though.

Not sure I understand these words.

A mate of mine used to work somewhere which had “Facebook For Work” and would share the best bits with us though.


He worked for a bank.


This seems to be the kind of thing that goes on here too.

That and someone created a ‘jokes and riddles’ group.

Sounds like a good place to talk about Booker P and the MGs

Here’s another gem

Last one (same guy)

Create an Outlook folder called “Yammer Bullshit”, create a rule that sends all Yammer Bullshit to said folder. Never look in the folder.
:white_check_mark: Solution


We used to have one at Pearson which they tried to make us use a lot, but ultimately was completely lame and didn’t work properly. The company after mine used Yammer and it sucked.

Can’t wait for this guy’s novel.

Agreed… but it’s not used for that in this case.

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This just reminds me that I thought I was going to be fired in a job so I set a rule in Outlook to send everything into Deleted Items apart from my payslip. That was in May. Wasn’t fired and didn’t leave until December. I had a few very relaxing months of employment there.


I’m on Yammerbook. It’s shite. We all hate it.

After months of this shit I finally gave in and logged onto our Yammer. Then I went to Settings, switched off all the alerts and have been blissfully Yammer free ever since.

I was amused to find out that one member of our team has been busily posting “interesting” articles about our business up there. All by himself.


Did some work for a company with an internal forum thing a while ago. Business updates, IT announcements and that sort of thing usually got about 1 reply. The celebrity spotting thread had around 700 (most of which seemed to be of Phil from Location Location Location).

As in he was the most spotted celebrity. I didn’t work on Location Location Location.

can’t imagine anything worse tbh. still don’t really understand what linkedin is and feel quite bad about having an account on there.

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There was a workshop on how to get the most out of linkedin held here recently, and people charging you to get a professional mug-shot for your linkedin profile pic.

I can kind of see how it might be useful for networking, but from my admittedly very limited experience of it, it seems to be more like a facebook for salespeople.

do quite enjoy this account:

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