Work Christmas Party Desserts Thread

I’m in trouble here lads, some good options

  • Christmas pudding
  • Salted caramel profiteroles (with popping candy for some reason)
  • Chocolate tart (w/coconut ice cream)
  • Apple, cherry and plum crumble tart (w/vanilla ice cream)
  • British cheese board (two cheeses)

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I’d argue two cheeses in no way constitutes a board of cheese. It is just Some Cheese

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You have to have the Christmas Pudding. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it, it’s the law.


I actually quite like Christmas pudding, it’s that just the profiteroles and fruit tart sound loads nicer and cos I work for a charity we have to pay for this ourselves

cheeseboard should be a post dessert snack not a dessert


2 cheeses doesn’t make a cheeseboard.


^this with a glass of port.

I’ll forward your comments to the Harvester where we’re having our Christmas meal.

I am in full agreement with you. What would you say the minimum requirements for it to become a cheese board are?

64 squares in an 8x8 grid, with alternating squares of two different colours


id say 5+ cheeses…

Would rather have two actually nice cheeses than five bang average ones.

who gets average cheese :man_shrugging:

Its Christmas innit, not going to be sat eating a fucking babybel (until the morning after as a pre breakfast snack)

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2 brexit cheeses = red Leicester and mild cheddar.

Christmas puddings is for tories.

  • Christmas Pudding (V)
  • Salted Caramel Profiteroles (V)
  • Chocolate Torte (V)
  • Chocolate Torte (VE, DF)
  • Fresh Berry Fruit Compote (V, GF, DF)
  • Fresh Berry Fruit Compote (VE - without honey, GF, DF)

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I think I’m going to the same place for my work Christmas dinner

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Popping candy with prof rolls? Is the venue one of those Charlie Chalk Wacky Warehouse places?


Vegan chocolate torte will probably be better than the regular one.

It’s just a bit of festive fun Jirons, like a Christmas cracker hat. Fun.

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