Work Christmas Party Starters Thread

Our options are:

  • Loch Fyne smoked salmon roulade with herring caviar, citrus vinaigrette and toasted sourdough

  • Jerusalem artichoke veloute with chestnuts

Please don’t discuss the inferior courses, such as mains or desserts, in this thread.

The artichoke for sure


The salmon for sure


I would order the salmon but I would prefer a third option

Mac and Cheese


That’s a main meal


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Prawn cocktail please

Weird how determined Christmas lunch places are to make unpleasant food, had to swallow chunks of salmon roulade whole last year

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Apologies, I may not have been clear - you’re supposed to be posting the options put to you for your night out (if applicable)

dunno where we’re going yet

  • Pork, Apricot & Pistachio Terrine with Sourdough & Cranberry Sauce
  • Smoked Duck Salad with Beetroot, Chicory & Pomegranate Seeds
  • Sage & Butternut Squash Soup with Apple, Bacon & Cranberry Topping
  • Baked Goat’s Cheese with Hazelnut Crust, Red Chicory & Balsamic Onions (v)

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All a bit posh for my liking. Where is the pate and toast, with added peanut butter?

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ooh look at you pricks with your sit down meals

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I ate a lot of jerusalem artichokes last year after never eating them before and they made me so ill with really bad trapped wind.

Never again. I’ll take the salmon.

I don’t like soup for a starter.

I do, so imagine my disappointment at the ingredient “bacon”.

We’re going to Dishoom.

I say we but really I’ve invited myself onto another teams xmas lunch because I am a team of one.


Haven’t had a work Christmas meal in years but being taken out for one this year by a supplier. Going Salmon - Turkey - Sticky Toffee Pudding and I’m VERY happy with that.