Work Christmas party


Is tomorrow night. It’s James Bond dress code and the poster implied black tie. I was planning on a tux. The other design gents are just wearing jeans and a shirt, possibility that’s what everyone will do. What should I do?

  • Wear the same as everyone else, risk looking casual as fuck and everyone else might change their mind and scrub up and you won’t look a bit like you should be serving drinks
  • Go full tux. You’ll look shit hot compared to everyone else
  • Third option (explain)

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Stop getting Bond wrong!


Gold bikini


Third option



Frankly, I’m disappointed in the jeans and shirt brigade.


Edit: I’m saying you should go dressed as a tank


had mine at the weekend, was meant to be 20s themed. just wore a shirt and tie

cant really remember the night





Hobo die another day bond


Jeez brosnan was rubbish


Nothing wrong with embracing it, being a party legend and making everyone else look half-arsed

I went out in Las Vegas for halloween this year and there was a disappointing amount of fancy dress dodging going on. My pro-tip is to drink 2 or 3 white russians and cultivate a not even thinly veiled feeling of disgust towards anyine who hasn’t put in as much effort as you


his stomach hair looks like a tree though, you’ve got to give him that


alternatively it’s 2017, embrace gender fluidity:




Yeah, fuck @andyvine





Pity me I have to go ice skating tomorrow.