Work computer taking ages to install updates ama

Can’t leave until my work computer finishes installing these bastard updates it decided to install

Have the day off tomorrow though sooooooo there’s that

Absolute dread at how long I might be waiting here rn

Bit early, grumble moan…


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Good point

Changed titke

Hi @manches, long time fan!

What is Roscoe’s take on the Squirtle Squad?

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Roscoe approves of Squirtle. He would prefer a Bulbasaur squad as Bulbasaur was the superior starting Pokemon but understands that Bulbasaur is a very introverted beast

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and Marlon?

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Marlon is more of an Agumon guy

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Can you take your computer home with you, and by proxy, also give it a walk?


I’m nostalgic for the lost future ehere this js posdible

Fuck spelling


40 minutes remaining to 39 minutes remaining back to 40 in the space of 10 minutes = not good

39 down to 28 in the space of a minute = did some sweet taekwondo kicks and sang “that is fucking progress, I like that you made progress”

28 to 18 while typing the previous post = good thing I’m not in tomorrow and I can wash these gleefully befouled trousers

I wonder simply just go home?

or just unplug it.

Bad form to leave the server on overnight is the issue, esp as I’m not in tomorrow, and I can’t switch the server off till the computer’s off

Which dear reader is imminent!!!

I’m scared to do so

Bc of what capitalism has instilled in me

Hmm. In my book there is no worse form than not going home when you want to.

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It is off, dear readers

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Phew. We can stop praying.