Work drinks when you're off work



You have a day off or something, some people from work are having a drink in the evening. You could travel there if you wanted (because you’re not in costa del sol or whatever), would you go?

This is nicked from something grevioustim said.

If you’ve called in sick for day and turned up for a drink after work, we’d really love to hear from you.




No, obviously.


No to works drinks generally, tbh.


to be fair to me I’m WFH, not on a day off, and I live like 5 minutes from the pub (by bike). And its just a couple of mates from work, rather than formal “work drinks”


Work drinks when I’m in work can do one.


well, it was obvious for you but I wasn’t sure about everyone else


Fuck no.


no way ho say


having said that I’m a bit bemused by the attutude to work drinks some people seem to have

I like getting drunk with my colleagues, and I like making friends with them. But then I’m not exactly overwhelmed with social stuff in my life so :man_shrugging:


Absolutely not


it certainly does


Maybe I really get on with my old work mates were going on a holiday together so if it was convenient


this a free bar situation or what’s going on


I’m going to buck the trend here and say absolutely no fucking way you must be fucking joking.


free bar!


It’s DiS. We’re all uptight and/or anxious and pretend we hate everyone.

Staff night out? Hell yeah. Oi oi :beers::beers::beers:

Drinks AFTER a day at work with the same people? Nah mate, need to escape.


Love drinks with anyone. With mates. with work mates. With no mates.

Haven’t ever gone for works drinks whilst on holiday, but once did the half hour journey home to collect my kid from nursery, wait for Mum to get home, then half hour journey back into town for drinks. That was a one off though and haven’t done it before/since.


There’s a culture of no works drinks here, partly because it’s a campus site so most people drive. Most of my colleagues are really dull anyway. When I worked and lived near Croydon (and when I was younger and my liver could handle it) I used to get drunk regularly with my colleagues though.

But to answer the original question, these days I wouldn’t even go to work drinks when I’m in work, let alone travel forty miles out of my way for them.


If it’s a leaving do for someone I’ve known a long time and like then yes.

Otherwise no.