Work fear poll

1 = woodbro chillson
10 = thinking of leaving the country

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  • Off for the rest of the week. Ha!
  • Dont have a job
  • Other

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6 right now but give it 12 hours

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off tomorrow, back on the 3rd

so today is :sunglasses:
tomorrow will be :scream:

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Actually thought I went back on the 3rd,so have taken the 3rd onwards as holiday and not tomorrow…Not going in though

Back on the 3rd. Got so much stuff to do when I get back, dread levels are steadily rising. Really need to make an effort to be better organised/manage my time better this year. Will probably buy a diary, use it for a couple of weeks, then go back to prioritising tasks based on level of fear.

I’m looking forward to going back to work. I don’t mind my job at all. I like the work and most of the people there. I don’t like the travelling there and back every day but that can’t be helped. What I am bored with is trying to find new ways to annoy Clive every day for the past two weeks.

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Have a feeling I’ll have lost my desk when I go back in tomorrow which will start me off grumpy. Out of the office for half the month so might just work from home the other half. Spending this month working on something I know little about, might just make it up as a go along. Gonna take all my Christmas chocolate into the office and scupper peoples healthy eating resolutions. :grinning:

Not so much fear as massive, all-encompassing levels of cba.

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Moderate fear right now but it will increase.

I’m only in work for a week then I fly off to New York so :woman_shrugging:

About 5…more concerned about my ability to get up in the morning.

5 - just all that shit I spent the last 2 weeks before Xmas putting off until after Xmas will have to be done.

Can’t wait to get back to work

Didn’t have any real time off over Christmas so not really any. Probably slightly lower than usual because it’s a 4 day week.

FFS, hit me yesterday afternoon that will have to go back to work at some point although wfh at the moment due to IT not bothering to resolve my desktop PC issues since it crashed two months ago so it doesn’t actually involve going anywhere.

Still, the thought of returning to work for the company who just cancelled Christmas, cancelled all 2017 bonuses after objectives had been achieved and announced the week before Christmas that they will be making mass redundancies in January does not fill me with joy.

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got no work at all booked in for january yet… woo… hoo…

hmm :confused:

oh wrong account ffs

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Can you stick to one account please I can’t keep up!

Absolute hperventilating dread. Expecting bad news on the first day, and expecting to want to quit again.

I might actually do some work this year instant fear

Back in on the third. No worries.

Don’t really wanna think about it thanks

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