Work/gaming headset

Hi all,
I need a new work headset. I want them to be comfortable and not look too big for video calls. Decent sound quality would be good as well.

Any recommendations would be great.

Wired okay?

I use these

Phenomenal value for money and plenty confortable although i do reecommend replacing the tips. Mic is solid, sound quality is fantastic (punch well above their price point)… very clear (good for voices) and plenty of punch for gaming and great for music

Make sure you chose the with mic option

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I’ve stopped using a headset and am just using my normal in-ears these days. Works fine. Headsets aren’t needed any more.

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I just use my airpods

I use Bose Quiet comfort ii’s that are 3 years old or so. I’m somewhat worried they make me look like a dickhead now.

i can’t get my airpods or anything Bluetooth linked up. my old ones have fallen to bits and I’m working my notice so i doubt they’ll get me a new set, just tell me to use my laptop mic or something

look good. thanks, although I think i’d prefer overear for all day comfort. plus probably a USB connection

I do that when i work from home

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The MacBook Air built in webcam and microphone work really well.


Just been pissing myself at this so seems appropriate to slot it in here:

I’ve got a set of Bose 700s that I use for both work and gaming (not multiplayer or anything though) and they’re great, super comfy and the noise cancelling is brilliant. Not cheap though (my work paid for them)