Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


i have done nothing for the last 45 apart from shitpost on here and twitter. i mean, i’ve really done nothing.


I suppose I’m in a different situation that usually when I am at work, I’m working, so it irks me when other people are finding excuses not to work, whether that’s eating or anything else (and no, I am not at work now).


Yeh I didn’t want to say anything but us criticising anyone on the grounds of productivity when there are people on here for ages AND talking about getting paid to shit, sitting down to pee and scroll instagram etc just seems a bit glass houses.

We’re all just trying to make it through the day.

I’m always jealous of the breakfasters tbh, I never eat before I get here but am also too lazy to make sort out breakfast even when I’m here.


I just don’t like the noise of spoons clinking on bowls and milk slurpers, tbh.


In fact the tory voting wife of a friend of mine once, when talking about another friend working from home to help look after his sick wife and baby, was all like ‘but you’re not doing your 8 hours work a day if you’re helping them too!’

Who cares?


Why is it ‘Tory’ to be annoyed that while I am being paid to work, others are paid to eat breakfast and toss around on the internet?


Vote for me :wink:


The concept of a 9-5 or whatever working day is a hangover of industrialisation and capitalism that still puts value on people being at their desk and only working in that time and nothing else. Where realistically so long as people are getting what they need to done if don’t matter if they eat, go on the internet, talk to colleagues go to toilet etc.


Ooh this has beeve potential. Brb, just gonna get some rice krispies and cancel a meeting so I can watch.


Nah, I’ve got to go out as I have stuff to do so chat amongst yourselves :slight_smile:


Yup, I don’t even eat breakfast at work (but maybe they have a long commute or some other reason to eat it there) we’re all just trying to make it to home time.


Formally opting out of beeves, the real war is with the numberless colleagues and workplace procedures we cannot name on here for legal reasons but drive us batshit. The real war is out there, comrades.


I think the issue here is that I have never had a job where I have had more time than I’ve had work to do. Especially the most recent one where I came in, sat in complete silence working for nine hours or whatever, and then went home because I had literally no time to do anything else. And yes, it was shit.


tbf it’s also worth being wary of the fact that office jobs are not the only jobs.

I was talking more in general from all DiSers as a general persona - indie, bearded office worker™️


Separate, inspired by this irk for me is that there re some dinosaurs here who are here all the time (come in early, stay late and live and love the ‘brand’) but actually produce no output and spend most of he time walking around and checking in on everyone else.

My department work really hard, produce loads and are always on time and I’m flexible with their working hours and wfh as a result (and certainly I myself am much more productive when I’m working from home due to less distractions) and we are often working evenings and weekends etc too.

The first lot complain to my boss, the COO and HR and about my team never being in (which is obviously an exaggeration/lie) and I’m constantly having to just say the same shit over and over again.



My old firm was notorious for having a load of unproductive senior partners who sucked up profits and never contributed anything.

My favourite story was the one who blew up at another trainee, saying “for god’s sake, you can’t keep coming to me with work to check at the end of the day like this!” It was 3 o’clock.


How do your colleagues manage it then? Seems like there is always an infinite well of work that could be being done but sometimes you’ve got to prioritise breakfast


I don’t have time to have breakfast at home, have to get the kids ready and then race to work. I work flexi time. It takes me about 2 minutes to make breakfast and eat it in the office.

Where I work our employers actually want people to be happy in the work place so we have free tea, coffee and fruit daily. And at least once a month every one has a free breakfast roll. Not to mention all the pizza that work pay for when we have to pull a late one.


I used to have my breakfast at work because I got a lift from someone who started half an hour before me, would wait to clock in until after I finished it though.


I have breakfast at work sometimes but it’s basically me eating a yoghurt or something whilst I read my emails, doesnt distract from me doing work. I also don’t make hot drinks so I’m balancing it out by not spending an hour a day at the kettle.