Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I only disagree with it because I can’t stand the sound of slurping up milk and clanking the spoon on the bowl when i’m trying to fucking work at 9:30am

And I disagree from it from a vegan/dairy free standpoint. WHERE’S MY FREE SOY FOR MY CEREAL? hmm.


They shouldn’t be eating it in earshot of anyone at their desk though - I agree with that! Stay in the kitchen!

Also if they supply milk they should supply one vegan alternative imo too. Our place has almond milk for example


Right the age old discussion in more prevalent than ever at work.

The women: ALL COLD

We’ve got by from having personal fan heaters under our desk to keep ourselves warm. Now, THEY’VE BANNED THE HEATERS. But we’re still fucking freezing.

I caught one lady downstairs huddled next to the vending machines cause they’re warm and her lips were blue!


Fucking hell. Don’t eat within earshot of me!

Wait, meowington, I’m saying that is unreasonable behaviour to expect that of people.


Never had a satisfactory answer to why cold people can’t wear more clothes as there is much greater scope to do this than the too hot people to remove clothes


tbf i have serious misophonia so it really irritates me. Even still though I mean in earshot of people working/eating at your desk. If I go in to the kitchen/break area then I’m expecting it and not stuck there the same way, I don’t think that’s generally unreasonable.

Also, having a bar of chocolate or something like that is very different to a bowl of cereal.


sat at her desk wearing a balaclava? :laughing:


I echo what TTF says. Banning the heaters is unfair (unless it’s from a H&S pov and was necessary) but it’s much easier to warm up then cool down


The air conditioning doesn’t work properly here. If one end of the floor is a reasonable temperature, then the other end is either too hot or too cold, and that’s before you get into individual levels of people’s temperature tolerances.

I quite fancy working in a non air conditioned office, where you can open the windows to let a breeze in on a nice day.


I don’t do it but as chilled out entertainer I’m not bothered if others do (although slightly irked by a full roast)


I’m literally gonna have to buy a slanket


BUT what they ain’t taking into consideration:

  1. Men operate at a higher body temperature than women!
  2. Women’s temperature fluctuates with our cycle!
  3. We want to wear nice clothes in the summer for our hot commute…but then arrive here and freeze our fucking tits on and are told to put on a jumper…IT’S SUMMER AND MY LEGS ARE BARE


The cold thing for me is very localised due to overactive airconditioning.

Right hand: Numb with coldness.
Torso: Too hot.
Rest of body: Temperatures between those two.

This isn’t how it was meant to be.


Exactly! We have blowy AC that leave our hands icy



It’s perfectly reasonable to not have someone slurping about near me AT WORK. We have kitchens and break areas for just that


Fucking one muesli bar rule here, one breakfast bar rule there, must be exhausting.


I don’t eat at the muesli bar!! I just assemble the muesli there! Like I’m at a hotel breakfast buffet


I understand that, but why is a solution that causes the too hot people discomfort the answer, it’s a zero sum dilemma, one sided comfort is at the expense of the other, seems to me the practical answer is to put the discomfort on the side where there are options to relieve the discomfort


Also, depending on what you need to be doing with your hands, they are not necessarily easy to warm up. I used to do fine manual stuff which involved glues, so even fingerless gloves were out of the question. And you would get people opening doors or putting on the ridiculously too strong fan when my fingers were already frozen. I do not miss that job.


So you have to make one of the groups uncomfortable. Do you want the men to go taps aff to achieve their ideal temperature?