Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Also those under desk heaters just make the air con work harder


Nah not having it. It’s currently perfect FOR MEN and uncomfortable FOR WOMEN. And they don’t want to meet us in the middle or give us a solution apart from REMOVING OUR SOLUTION.

They could adjust the temperature up a little bit making us a bit more comfortable and making the men a TINY bit uncomfortable and the men could buy desk fans if they’re still too hot.

Or they could just let us use our heaters, like we’ve been doing FOR YEARS.


No I think that is LIES.

The heat doesn’t go further than under my desk. The area around my desk is still icy cold.


Well we’re sedentary so we’re not moving to warm up. It’s just ridiculous to have this as the temperature.


Only half? Part timer


I quite frankly don’t care what they do.


We’re too cold in our office a lot of the time, but not always, so it’s difficult to dress appropriately when you don’t know what it will be like.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for an office to be at a reasonable temperature for everyone, people shouldn’t have to plan what to wear - if you’re dressed reasonably (i.e. wearing pretty much any clothes) then that should be enough.


If I’m at work I’m doing everything I can to make myself comfortable - count me down as a loud and proud desk eater.


Dunno, to me it just doesn’t seem fair that someone with bare legs in the office would complain about being too cold and want action taken that makes others uncomfortable


But the bare legs might have been necessary to be comfortable on the commute.


Why should I have to sweat my arse off in 100 denier tights on my 40 min commute because I know i’m going to be completely freezing in my office for 8 hours?!


Most people commute though


Put your tights on when you get to work

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to take my trousers off. I would if I could


Have you actually tried taking your trousers off in the office?


Why should I?

You can wear shorts if you want.
Or light trousers.
Or get yourself a fan.


Everyone wearing skirts I say.


The temperature shouldn’t be so low in an office that having bare legs makes you uncomfortably cold though.


To be more comfortable when you are at work I suppose, same applies to the ‘just right’ group they could probably have a more comfortable commute if they wore lighter cloths but most put up with it for a more comfortable working day which is a lot longer


I’ve been sent a password to something and it’s “stonehendge”, which is irking the fuck out of me.


I’ve got the Spinal Tap song in my head now, at least.