Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I would disagree because if someone with bare legs is comfortable then some people with covered legs almost certainly won’t be


What? Is everyone just comfortable at a precise temperature?

Like, when I’m in my flat later, I’d be okay if I was wearing shorts, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, etc. The temperature isn’t so precise that I have to change to get my body to a comfortable level. A workplace temperature should be the same - if it’s a reasonable temperature then people in skirts or shorts or trousers should all feel fine.


How about footmuff chairs, you know like in prams?


I’ll take it.

I was googling how much a slanket is cause it’s really our only option at this stage.

I found out that this exists though and i’m HORRIFIED.



I didn’t say everyone I said some people, I think that is true if some people are comfortable with bare legs it means some other people, not everyone, will be uncomfortable. It is a difficult thing to balance and impossible to please everyone but at least if people err on the side of cooler, people have the ability to adapt their clothing, an ability which is much more restricted if erring on the side of warmer


These are the business (and also a great baby gift for people with a maxicosi):


There’s a woman next to the vending machine in meowington’s work whose lips have turned blue!


My lips and nails regularly go blue here.


now what?!

I think i’ll just start going home when it’s too cold


I can definitely see myself climbing into an adult version of this at my desk.

I can feel a dragon’s den idea coming on!!


The air con is a hot (hahah) topic in my dept.

The thermostat just behind my desk says 20.9 celcius.

  • too warm
  • fine
  • too cold

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TBH it sounds like your office is just cold full stop

Are the people arguing the temp is OK

  • doing it as some kind of ridiculous macho pose?

  • benefit from reduced heating bills for the office somehow?


We are all men and I have just dropped ours down to 19c


that’s how a fiefdom works, I guess


Well yeah, as the boss and with the controls directly behind me I can do what I like (although I did just do the drop on request).


This is a very silly thing to be even remotely irked by, I realise. But the guy I now sit next to always licks his thumb when he leafs through a notebook or wodge of paper.

Really puts me on edge for some daft-o reason.


20 degrees in a sedentary job is about where it should be.

Our office is about 25 degrees at the moment and there are certain colleagues wanting to put on the heaters and radiators.


I hate this too

my nightmare is being stuck on a train or bus next to someone with a big broadsheet paper, doing the thumb lick as they turn the pages and doing that thing where they noisily flick the paper about

I don;t like the smell of newsprint and the idea of wet paper (especially newspaper) makes me actually wretch

internet based news is the best thing about the internet

  • Not really but there is a definite undertone of “ahh all you women are the same” and the whole “just put on a cardigan” is being brandied around a lot.

  • If anything the bills will go up cause they want to use the AC MORE


I would put the heating on indoors if it was 20 degrees on my thermostat.

I’m a 22.5 girl.


Are they complaining it’s cold too?