Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)



but you know the ban was decided on by the employee forum? Will of the people etc.



And they wonder why I got kicked off that.



I work from home most of the time and will happily sit in a full winter coat rather than turn the heating on. My girlfriend thinks I might have a problem


yeah you’re tight thats the problem


But I’m not a particularly frugal person generally. Just loathe to ever, ever use my central heating


I can’t see a reason for not wanting to use the central heating unless you’re tight.


Ours is at 18.5 degrees. Recommended levels are 17-21, with the bedroom being at the lower end of that.

If one of us is cold, they put on a jumper.


Conspiracy? I hear you

Our floor returned a woman to the council at the last election. She pledged to represent her, and the three other women in the department, who all have heaters, at the next meeting


Think I also just enjoy wrapping up. Like if I had my way I’d have the windows open at night through the winter so I could wrap myself up in the duvet


I hate using the central heating at home. It has one setting - Turkish Bath.

And it always makes the air feel really dry around the house too.


This is exactly what I do and it’s utterly amazing.

Cold pillow, toasty under the duvet.


Living the dream. My girlfriend has raynauds so obviously this would be wholly unfair for me to do in winter, but when she’s away for the weekend I treat myself to a lovely cold bed


I grew up in a freezing house. Now that I pay the bills the central heating is on LOADS


I don’t need a fact sheet to tell me the perfect temperature!
I put it on, if i’m too cold, it goes up!


What would the temperature outside (in centigrade) need to be before you put the heating on (if you never use it select 0)

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It was my idea to have more women on the forum and what did I get for that? Kicked off in favour of 2 men!


There’s a woman on my floor who stirs her tea for 30 seconds (I have got my stopwatch out) at a time. That’s metal spoon on porcelain mug, impacting all 360 degrees of said mug at least once. Every. Fucking. Time.


Or you care for the environment and hate waste.


My mum works with a woman who, and this is making me wretch a bit to type, makes her tea by adding a teabag to half a mug of cold milk, microwaving it for a minute, removing the teabag immediately (no straining) and adding boiling water and 4 sweeteners