Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


It all depends on the fabric/age of your home though. Like, a new-build flat surrounded on all sides could have the heating off for far longer than a detached, solid brick house.


I was going to put in that caveat. I’ll be moving from my modern 1st floor flat to a victorian terrace with the bedroom on the 3rd floor in the next couple of months. Will my heating game change? Watch this space, that’s all I can say


You should plot all your meter readings in a spreadsheet and make lots of graphs of your consumption.


She should get Ginger Baker to have a word…


I’ve already set up a tableau of our monthly outgoings vs. Projected after we move


Yeah our move means we have the heating on at least 90% more than previously


We were asked if we wanted a desk assessment.

Smashing. I get tight shoulders. Sign me up.

Now I have a thing under my monitor and everyone can see my screen and I just miss my tight shoulders is all.



they’ve started rating sneezes and there is constant giggling all the time.
Gonna bring it up in the first “new team” meeting




I just don’t even get how you’d devise that method in the first place


It’s not a waste if I’m using it!

Also I make up for my environmental savoirs elsewhere…



You could change, in fairness. My office has banned shorts - if there is a heatwave I change in the bogs before I leave.

I do sympathise to an extent as I used to sit under an air con unit, so I was cold when others were fine (or even hot) due to the blowing effect, But I just wore more clothes, I kept a hoody at work.


ever thought about changing your user name to Moanington ? :wink:


ever thought about changing yours to Richie_Rude?


Crikey. Was a joke. Did the winky face not convey that ?



Yes I know, I was just snapping back in a jokey way too.


cool !


sorry. Hyper sensitive at the moment. :frowning_face:


I know, its fine lovely. My fault, I should have saftey winked. I know my tone doesn’t come across too well on here! But I am 90% of the time joking/doing something for comedic effect :slight_smile: xxxx