Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I’m with meowington here, it’s 13 degrees outside and it’s May but I’m wearing a scarf and I’ve got the heating on. Irks me no end how places crank up the air con as soon as it hits 17 degrees.


Air con isn’t just about cooling an office down, though. It also plays a vital role in air circulation.


I don’t work in an office, I was talking about when there’s the slightest hint of sun and Sainsbos turns into a walk-in freezer


Air conditioning should maintain the same temperature all year round

Trains are the worst for this, just because it is snowing outside they think the way to balance that out is with tropical temperatures, rather than a comfortable 20-22.5 degrees


Yeah circulating GERMS alright


Fully agree, when I work in Switzerland they have the heating on on the buses in October even though it’s nice outside and the bus is packed with sweaty people in big coats, madness


I think this whole heating debate shows one of the many valid points as to why open plan offices are terrible.


About three times today I’ve abandoned a post saying “Don’t know why you don’t all just get your own offices tbqfh”.

It wasn’t funny any of those three times either.


In my old office someone put forward the idea of arranging people by heat preference, sadly the idea was not taken seriously


Was that someone you, or were you just on board with the idea?


Not allowed to wear shorts


Spent FIVE MONTHS trying to get a meeting with my boss because my responsibilities have disappeared one by one. Finally got one, said my piece, had my role redefined, and he suddenly starts bombarding me with an unreasonable number of tasks that need done immediately - two days before my fortnight-long holiday.


trying to change my hours from 7-3 to 8-4 because i “never seem to turn up on time”.

absolutely fo,m.


That’ll learn you.


It was not my idea, on reflection it was probably a bad idea due to the indirect divisions that would ensue, but i still like it for at least attempting to solve this age old problem


Stick more layers on.


Hot desking meaning the temps (me and the gang) have to wait until just before work starts to know where we sit and we then all get split up.


Next week I have to go to a completely different office and do a completely different job for two weeks, I’m pretty irked


why don’t you tho



Am I really supposed to sit at my desk in my coat??