Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


If that’s what it takes to warm up.



Noticed loads of people wear scarves, which has really wound me up. At least 6 out of 50 people wearing scarves today.

When did that become a thing.


At least the 9th century BC, according to Wikipedia.


Maybe they’re cold


I’m wearing a scarf right now, find it hard to break the habit once the seasons change


Chill out, marckee


I enjoyed all the cold bants but our office isn’t cold. One was wearing a skirt



More than 2?


Fuckin bare legs, bruv


To be tbf, heating on buses/trains (at least on older ones) is either on or off. There is no control.


Better off then


I do have some sympathy with the person who was complaining about someone else’s hours. I work near someone who does about 30 minutes under the contracted hours every day. I don’t usually worry about what other hours people work, live and let live etc. However in team meetings they are always complaining they can’t do their work as they haven’t got enough time.

Plus they eat crisps/apples/anything noisy at their desk.


I’d speak up in the meetings and suggest if they didn’t do 30 minutes less than the contract they’d probably finish their work.


I just want to say @anon30627475 that I cannot quite fathom a system of work being designed so Tory that anyone can assign you a task at any time but if you get assigned a task after you’ve clocked off you’re in the wrong.


You’re braver than I am. I just prefer to moan about it on message boards. :wink:


this isn’t a system, it’s a goddamned regime!




I thought I had posted about this but I don’t think I have. I think at the time I was too confused and livid to tell the tale properly. But now with some distance, I can relay my story of woe.

Often these days in teaching you don’t really get your own classroom. You kind of have a base classroom and do most of your teaching in there but others use it too. Which is… fine.

Anyway a supply teacher started who was a bit eccentric. Most supply teachers are a little unhinged but this one was particularly ‘interesting’. Inevitably she had to teach in my room fairly often which was… fine.

She used to adjust my seat which was… ngh… fine. But one thing that was not fine was the mouse mat etiquette.

Now as you know, a mouse mat usually has a shiny picture side for sliding the mouse across and a rubber backing to stop it slipping across the desk. Every mousemat this teacher encountered she would flip it over and use the mouse on the rubber backing side. This was maddening to watch in other rooms but teaching after her in my own room and having to fix my chair and flip over my mouse mat was… nngh… not fine.

Anyway I decided to fix it, in a jovial way, as I didn’t want to be the guy that was like ‘gonnae stop doing that’. So I purchased two mouse mats with the intention of gluing them together. Both outward facing sides would be the picture sides and therefore perfect for mouse slideability. But…

I went in with my new mouse mats and some glue and thought I’d try out this plan before I committed to it. So I loosely blutacked them together and attempted to try them out. Sadly when you used the mouse mat it slid all over the place. The mouse cursor on screen and the mouse itself wouldn’t move, instead the whole mousemat would move all over the desk; those rubber nonslip sides do a cracking job, clearly. I even tried just flipping one over on its own and trying my mouse on the rubber side and the same thing happened. Essentially with this mouse mat it was impossible, completely impossible, to use it with the rubber side up and the picture side down. Problem solved, I reckoned. If she comes in and tries flipping over the mat, IT WILL NOT WORK.

Was the problem solved? No, she still flipped it over every single time she was in my room and, presumably, sat there with a mousemat that slipped everywhere and a non-functioning mouse.

I don’t understand.

She’s gone now…


dont see how the original plan would have worked, if she likes using the rubber side wouldn’t she be pretty irked to find a double shinny side?