Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Well she’d just have to revel in the fact she could now get her mouse to glide properly and the novel way it makes the on-screen cursor move.


Oh jesus on a skateboard, you’ve reminded me about a head of year who teaches in my room occasionally and totally fucks with my desk arrangement! Arrghhhh! If you make the kids drag the desks around for your weirdo configuration at the beginning of the lesson, make them drag them back at the end or an eternal curse fall upon you!

This is now the irrationally angry teachers thread.


My anger is the very definition of rational. It irked me and made no sense from her end of things either - which double irks me. :rofl:


Either way I think if we try hard enough we can totally derail this thread into a TEACHERS WHO thread.


write on the interactive white board with a regular board marker so that even after it’s been cleaned off there’s still a stupid blurry stain.


Oh yeah, I have my projector set up to project onto the wall rather than the board which is what most other teachers have - my board is in a very inconvenient location; my whole room is weird as fuck to be honest.

Anyway that same woman wrote on my wall before realising it was not the board…


Pay a pound a week for the tea fund. So far this term NOT a single biscuit at our school site (there are two so I checked at the other on Tuesday, nowt there either)

So far this term am withholding my money until we get biscuits.

@meowington I used to work with someone who would wrap herself in a blanket and nap under her desk at lunch, she would also walk around with it wrapped around her in the winter. Another women used to bring her slippers into work to walk round in :anguished:


Omg that’s actually amazing! Who can manage to get some sleep curled up under their desk?! :joy:


There used to be a woman who worked in our school and made the coffee and tea for the staff room which was awesome.

She retired after twenty years and they replaced her with a shit coffee machine.



She did!! :smile:


Urgh. Little things like that really make a difference.


I did something yesterday that’s kind of part of my job but not entirely. Anyway, this basically brought something to light with a sales guy so he took it on to investigate it.

He came back to me today to say thanks for making him aware of that…and that i’ve just got him an extra £2k of commission…:roll_eyes:

errr you’re WELCOME it’s a soya cappuccino if you’re wondering.
(he wasn’t)


Invoice him


someone in my (open plan) office is whistling. When I find the c*** I’m gonna cut them.


found the culprit. Asked him politely to stop. Seemed the more reasonable approach.


They’re about to turn the electricity off in our building for 30 seconds. The way they are going on about it you’d think that they were about to turn the gravity off and flush us into space.


I have a repeat whistler…who thinks they’re being the most funny person ever by whilsting Christmas songs all year round!


Kill them. it’s the only way.


My colleague hummed Jingle Bells yesterday. Been in my head ever since, ffs