Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Anyone who sends any email whatsoever flagged as urgent.

A) if it’s urgent then pick up the phone or come and see me.

B) I’m an English teacher who faints when there are injections in a film. If it’s urgent for any real world reason, you need a paramedic or possibly a superhero, I’m not your man.


Adults who pronounce Dr Seuss as Dr Zeus. Apparently this is a thing/Mandela effect because when I correct them, they have no idea that it is not and never has been fucking pronounced DR FUCKING ZEUS.



not sure I could perceive the difference


Well they are completely different letters and sounds so


I went to the soo to see the sebras, sounds pretty much the same


For Mental Health Awareness Week, I’ve been given a badge with ‘GRUMPY’ written on it. Handed cheerfully to me by someone in HR, saying ‘here’s your mood badge, sadpunk’.

So irked, which only makes the badge more accurate, which irks me more. I’m in an irk-loop.


That seems … really weird.


Had to do a stress test earlier, came back as a high moderate which slightly irked me as I’m completely chilled at work.


Boss has followed me on Twitter. It’s not like I tweet about how much I hate my job or anything so there’s no issues with that, but I do feel like I can’t tweet during work hours now, and I’m wary of ever getting into a conversation with him about my Marxist memes or whatever.


Yeah, my tweets were always pretty shit, but with my boss following me, they’re even shitter.


It would be really easy to be massively offended, luckily I’m too busy in an irk loop.


ffs calm down!


This shouldn’t irk meat all…as it’s nothing to do with me. But it has to be mentioned.

Lad at work makes tea by putting 2/3 of a mug of hot water onto the tea bag. Waiting for about 5 seconds and then removing and topping up with milk. I mean there is weak…and there is this. It is virtually white.

It’s homeopathy tea. Homeoptea FFS.


Weeks ago I contacted the manager arranging the induction of a new group of staff, offering to do a short standard presentation. Got nothing in response.

Yesterday got contacted by a junior in that manager’s team, asking me to do a long, custom presentation, this Friday. It’s already a super-busy time of the year, but I guess I’ll just be dropping everything else to take care of this.


someone I work with follows me on instagram, he isn’t my boss but he is more senior and I do some work for him occasionally so semi-boss, I’m slightly irked because I am quite a different person at work so there is this worlds collide feeling, decided to just carry on posting on it the same way as before and just never acknowledging he follows me on there in real life


Can you report HR to HR?


find it so weird and creepy when non-friends at work follow me on social media


it shouldn’t be allowed, there should be a section in the staff handbook or something, even people I get on with I prefer to wait until one of us has left the job before adding


colleague added me on fb about a day after I joined, he’s my boss’s henchman so reckon he was spying on me
jokes on him though cos i never post anything