Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I used to do this but then literally everyone around me was FB friends and were chatting about Facebook stuff all the time so I had to change my rules. But these are people I get on with, I wouldn’t add just anybody.

Also found out accidentally that my boss and I had been following each other on Twitter for quite a while without realising; luckily I’m pretty vanilla on there


Yeah was it this thread or another where people were talking about not wanting to socialise with work people? It’s the same with Social Media. I have a very clear line between work and not work. I am FB friends with a handful of people from past jobs, but only as they’ve become very good friends over a long time.

I am part of a group responsible for organising our work summer party. We were press-ganged into it. One of the mooted dates doesn’t work for me, and I am very tempted to just not go anyway whenever it happens. If ever there were a ‘sign’ that I don’t like socialising at work events…then not going to the thing I helped put together is probably it.


block the shit out of him


nah - tell them to go fuck themselves


The coffee machine has now been broken for over a week.

It’s only some shitty filter thing and the coffee’s always burnt unless you get to it immediately, but still. I didn’t riot over them taking away the Nespresso machine, but they’re pushing it now.


Would like to, but internal politics makes it difficult (long story short we’ve been trying for years to get more involved with this lot, can’t really turn down even a bad offer. The joys of being internal services).


Someone’s leaving do. Everyone wants to get some nice little presents but me and another want to splash out on something significant as well as get the little things. we’d probably not have jobs without this person working here for 6 years. I want to make the bosses pay the majority of it (hundreds of pounds) My co workers are so basic and seem to have a problem with wealth redistribution. “That’s inappropriate” I need to quit these Tory losers.


Someone who does my job is leaving and we’re getting a new person, but the boss is using it as an opportunity to shuffle the teams around because there are a couple of wee grievances and issues within two of the teams.

It is for the greater good overall and I like working with the partner I’ve got on the front desk, but we’ve definitely drawn the short straw and ended up with a team leader who is beyond incompetent.


When they came for the chamomile tea, I did not speak out etc.


Splashing the toilet seat? Using all the bog roll?


tues: hi eric can we pencil you fri-weds
weds: hi eric we’re good to confirm you fri-weds
thurs: sorry eric this job fell through see ya




Me: accidentally switches of office lights off instead of pressing the door release button
Couple of people in office: ooh it’s quite nice with the lights off
Me and couple of other people: would hurt our eyes if the lights were completely off, why don’t we leave half off and half on?

Leave room, come back ten minutes later and all the lights have been switched off. :rage:


We don’t get long service awards


some girl on my floor kept singing out loud repeatedly yesterday. not just quietly to herself, but properly out loud so i could hear it across the room. absolutely psychotic behaviour. amazed no one in her team asked her to kindly shut the fuck up.


new guy sat opposite and to the left of me keeps snorting snot back up his nose and I assume down his throat. Sounds disgusting. I want to cave his face in.




Currently have someone who keeps belching out loud and then having a good old laugh about how it surprised them.

I’m a few burps away from telling them to stop that because it’s fucking revolting.


Bomp at them.


I struggling not to tell him to shut up tbh.