Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


been sitting near someone who keeps jiggling his leg up and down/tapping his foot and it makes the whole bank of 8 desks vibrate. every time i tell him to stop he’s doing it again within seconds. i’m not going to stop telling him to stop, even though i think everyone else has given up.


Constant emails asking us to do overtime making me feel super pressured when I’m already at breaking point at 40 hrs/week.


Argh sorry you have to deal with this

My tv does it involuntarily and it used to drive me bonkers, got used to it though


Got a pal at work who does this. Whenever he starts (if it’s just us two on the desk) I’ll just start kneeing the desk as hard as I can instead of saying anything


I, Struggling?


Isn’t this a symptom of… something?


Excess coffee consumption is my best guess, but who knows


used to be a guy in my team who’d joke about every technical problem with “computer says no!”


We’ve got one of those.


Us too


Wore a pink shirt to work for the first time today, Literally everyone in the office has commented in some way





People have been going on about that laurel yanny stuff for about 3 hours.occasionally changing to the royal wedding.

It’s driving me insane


What do you think about this one?

I went into the kitchen this morning and it reeked of mushrooms. Someone said that someone has microwaved mushrooms and scrambled eggs.


That’s too much.


Someone in our office always comes back from the canteen with a tray full of mushrooms for their breakfast. It smells fucking disgusting.


Things my colleague has eaten at her desk for breakfast over the past year:

  1. A whole pork pie

  2. Mushroom tostada

  3. Scotch eggs

  4. A cream horn


1, 3 & 4 are totally fine to eat at your desk


I love your colleague


She’s the absolute best when she’s not microwaving eggs.

Also, didn’t know where you were going until that edit :wink: