Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Good solid breakfasts, aye.


whats a cream horn?

or should we save that for Thursday?




All four every day for the past year?


Oh a cornetti!

molto buono


People wandering around the office with a jangly set of keys.

  • Why do you need so many keys?
  • Why don’t you keep them in your pocket?
  • Or maybe on your desk?
  • Do you have any idea how annoying you are?


The automatic payment system for customer’s holidays is down and NO-ONE has sent out an email to people expecting the money for their holiday to come out automatically that they will need to make the payment manually, meaning we keep getting it in the neck.


I do this. Mainly because I’m Very Important.

(Worried about leaving them at work when I go home).


a guy I used to work for did this except one day I really inspected his keys and it was just one key, a novelty dolphin shaped bottle opener, a whistle, and a detractable pen on a keyring. he took himself very seriously so I couldn’t even poke fun at any of the things. was very jangly though


I used to be a key holder at my old job and had about ten keys for various doors and safes. Would absolutely never walk around with them jangling free though, that is just obnoxious.


A one hour meeting from 12 - 1 then a half hour meeting from 1.30 - 2? Didn’t want a lunch hour anyway :frowning:


I hate it when people who start at 9 book meetings for 4.30 or whatever - I’m in by 7.20 you wankstain!


The marketing lady keeps retweeting articles from the DM despite my many, many protestations.


I had the opposite - my old job was 11-7, but had to deal with people calling 9am meetings. In the end, I just blocked out my calendar from 9-11.


I would call you to a 7.20 meeting.


You’d get a decline


Meetings, generally. All us twats sit in the same room. We don’t need to stop work, sit in another room for an hour and discuss how much work we’ve got to do, then go back to catching up on an hour of missed work.


Someone stole my chair while I was in the bathroom to sit with a colleague. They didn’t return it when i got back. There’s 3 empty desks with chairs next to them literally surrounding my one desk with a turned on computer and stuff on it. I liked my chair. I miss my chair.

Is my fury justified?

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  • No

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You have been disrespected, Chegg. Time for vengeance.


You’ll be pleased to know I Kicked The Fuck Off