Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I hope you degassed the chair, holding up the bird at their eye level when the chair hit its lowest. Swift knee to the chin and then tip the fucker out. Free wheelin’ back to your desk.


My chair is something of an office institution. After a couple of years here we were about to move to the building next door. I went round early and took a look, and noticed that all the chairs looked shit. Particularly I don’t like office chairs with arms, even adjustable ones. Three days into the new office my back gave in and I was flat out for a week, during which time I convinced my boss to get maintenance to saw the arms off my new chair.

I have now moved office four more times since then, bringing the chair with me each time, except the last one when an absolute star in our admin department arranged for it to get hoicked from Westminster to North Greenwich.

The chair is an absolute disgrace. The upholstery is worn away all over the place, the stuffing has been leaking out for years. It’s a kind of funny colour in places.

Nobody ever tries to steal my chair.



was once in a 3hr meeting about the colour of a button


What colour did you end up picking?


On the subject of inconsiderate meetings, my place is the kind of place where the management fill their days from top to bottom with pointless meetings. I count myself unlucky if I have one meeting a week. But what this means is that if they ever decide they have to have a meeting with the non-meetingy people then they invariably stick it in the most easily available slot: lunchtime.

So I just don’t go to meetings between 12 and 2, however important they apparently are.


That’s going to be a button on a webpage isn’t it? The kind of meeting where you also argue about the pixel width of the button to the exact number of pixels.


a physical button on a control panel. started telling you about another button argument (there were many) but it’s so dull it’s unbelievable.

@casinobay green


Yeah, this trend of ‘meetings’ at lunchtime for CPD purposes or whatever is getting worse and worse. Some are now 8-9am or 6-7pm. IT’S STILL ESSENTIALLY EXTRA WORK THAT I’M NOT BEING PAID FOR!


Ah man, you picked the wrong colour.


Yeah we have a lot of extra “come and tell everyone about your job” meetings at lunchtime as well. Nah, I’m off to look at a reed warbler, sorry.

What makes it even worse of course is that everybody’s eating through them.




Is this the latest thread?

They’ve just changed our break policy so when you work a 12-13 hour shift you get half an hour paid and MAYBE at the discretion of the person in charge you get another half hour unpaid. For The entire time I’ve worked here it’s been an hour paid. This is 12-13 hours physical work on your feet. I think this is awful. But think it’s also in line with the law. Why doesn’t anybody at work care about stuff like this??? There’s also some weird pride in people not taking breaks. Weird. Also I think this is entirely punitive because a few weeks ago I was asked to have a half hour break and I refused.


I would just demand it back immediately


This isn’t an irk as it’s absolutely none of my business, just a strange observation.

There’s a woman I see on my floor at work who wears a Pokemon dress to work every single day. And I don’t mean she has one Pokemon dress that she wears every day. She has at least 3 different Pokemon dresses in rotation, but it’s always one of them, every single day. I have never seen her not wearing a Pokemon dress.

I’m certain she’s in the same age range as me, and I’m approaching 30.

People can wear whatever they like obviously, I just find it fascinating.


Due to recent renovations, we now have two meeting rooms in the same building with the same name. Nobody else seems to see the problem with this.


Reckon it’s a shame there aren’t more people like that


I once returned to my desk to find some people gathered round the area just having a chat. But someone had stolen my chair to join in with the chat!
And it was the CEO!

I deliberated for a few mins before saying “sorry you’re in my chair” and yanking it from him.

#keepitreal #staygrounded


Colleague keeps sending emails round copying in our bosses if someone forgets to put the bins outside the office door at night. Of course she leaves early so never ever actually does it herself.


Have to admit, the day after I posted this I saw her in a non-Pokemon dress. Now paranoid that she reads DiS