Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Has she moved on to Final Fantasy or what?


Our trailers all have an ID number and a name, so drivers don’t end up taking the wrong one out of the yard.

Whoever thinks of food to name them after has clearly run out of ideas and have started recycling them. We now have two trailers in our yard called Sole and two called Kidney, which defeats the whole purpose really.


Despite a public sector pay cap because they apparently don’t have the budget to pay us more, our senior managers have decided to give each of us an expensive tablet that we don’t need. Can I just have the cash please mates?


Quite a lot of Toryball fans at work - which, as someone from Birmingham, is something that irks me no end anyway.

They’re bad enough during the normal football season but fuck me, all the rugby bore shit has been multiplied by a thousand for the World Cup. “Has he broke a nail?” HA HA HA.

Give it a fucking rest.


Someone I worked with refused to participate in the World Cup sweepstake as ‘there will not be one for the rugby 7s world cup next month’


even after reading this entire thread in one sitting, i have nothing to add

seemingly i am very un-irk-able in my current job


We are in open-plan hell. Not only does everyone talk constantly, but people from another team have decided that the perfect place to have their team meetings and phone calls is at the table right by my desk. Acoustics in here are fantastic too, so I’m right now listening to someone sitting on the other side of the room having a detailed and presumably intended to be private conversation.


Mate in this Aussie office people regularly just have radios on at their desks. What’s even weirder is they all have to take phone calls constantly so surely they would prefer not to have the maddening sound of radios drifting around. I am so glad of my headphones most days.


I am IRKED just reading that.

I wear headphones a fair bit (the DiS compilation helped me calm down this morning :slight_smile: ) but part of my job is meant to be coaching and helping the rest of my team, which is difficult when I’ve got my head down, earplugs in and a scowl on my face. (Oh also the building isn’t finished so there is drilling and banging going on intermittently in the background. Which is actually preferable to constant multiple conversations).


I think this goes here. I’m leaving my job in 2 weeks to return to university. I currently support people in the community, with a small caseload. I gave my notice in 4 weeks ago, so 6 weeks total, at which point they told me not to inform my clients as they were working on contingency plans (finding replacements). Just got an email saying none of my hours will be covered, and asking me to inform my clients that, once I leave, their support will stop (at least for the time being). Obviously I don’t think this should be my responsibility…but the alternative is likely that they’re not informed at all.

Horrible company

Things you are currently putting off

That’s grim as fuck


Yeah…the email is written in much more euphemistic terms…but that’s the upshot of it.


“Thanks for letting these people down wonton”

Sly as fuck


Just reading a document that contains the following punctuation abomination:

“…the carrying value of its’ investments.”


Didn’t know you had Stephen King as a client.


Just been chased for something I was asked to do in an email I was CC’d into, unbelievable


This reminded me of an idea I had to market the next IT film - they should do a John Lewis advert style version of Three Lions.

Single piano note, then breathy female vocals “IT’s coming home…”


That’s fine. Read your emails properly


Nah, if you are asking me to do something the email needs to be sent and addressed to me, not copied in. This is standard office procedure


What if it’s a reply to an email you were cc’d in?

You expect the person to not hit reply all and email you personally?