Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


I expect my name to be in the first few words


In bold


I bold names that I’m instructing


Would you submit an expense claim for a value under £20?

Not talking about one line amongst many, but the entire value of the expense claim

  • yeh
  • nah

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Voted no, mainly because of the complete and utter ballache that is our work expenses system


think £20 would be the tipping point into a yeah for me


Had Monday off. Within 5 seconds of me sitting down, and having not yet turned on my computer, someone had walked over to ask for some help with something. Something I said I would do on my return and that been bandied around in about 8 emails yesterday with me cc’d in and them being all “Well, safari is not in today and said he would do it so not sure what is going on!?!!”
What is going on is I am on holiday and said I would do on my.fucking,return.from.this.palace.of.morons


Only bloody went and did it. It’s already approved


Have a £25 expenses claim I haven’t bothered with. Could do with £25 about now, but what a fucking faff.


The big boss is at this very moment visiting my old firm to see about sending them some work. Nobody has mentioned this to me, far less asked for any insight.



I’d put an expense claim in for €1 and take pleasure in knowing the cost of paying me to file it cost more than the amount. I also put things like that in my timesheets.


Get on my level.


Does your employer generally get good value for money with your time?


I got “Above Average” in my 6 months review a few weeks back.


It’s only from 9 days ago so i reckon I can let it stew for another 23 months


A ringing endorsement – well done!

What’s the average like?


Not sure, can’t be very good though.


Once had an “Average” and my boss had a moan that I was happy with it. If everyone’s “Good”, then the average is whatever the good criteria is. Said I was keeping it real. Turn up, do job, finish job, go home, repeat.


Our tiers are “exceeded expectations”, “fully met expectations”, “generally met expectations”, and “did not meet expectations”.



I think at one point we had “Outstanding”, “Good”, and “Needs Improvement”, without a “Yeah they’re fine” option. If I’m “Outstanding” then I’m either overqualified and/or underpaid, so see ya later losers! :laughing: