Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


We have: Exceptional, Very Strong, Strong, Inconsistent and Action Required


What if I’m inconsistently strong?


Action Required




Just had someone email my boss because I haven’t responded to an email he sent <1hr ago.

Someone’s not getting an answer today.


New(ish) guy who sits opposite me clips his nails loudly at his desk every couple of days. I stare incredulously every single time hoping that he flinches but he never does.


Defenestration is too good for them.


Don’t understand how anyone can think that is reasonable behaviour for anywhere other than their own home.


I am constantly putting in expense claims for like two, three euro. That shit adds up!!!


bloke sat behind me’s seat squeaks when he moves from side to side. He doesn’t realise as he has headphones on. He also has a rubiks cube which he plays with all the time. This also irritates me. And today he had fish for lunch. At his desk. UNACCEPTABLE.


Those are basically all the signs for a sociopath! The fish thing is the worst though - total contempt for other people’s olfactories!


:heart: :palm_tree: :clock9:


Remember when you were not that into this series?


So into it that I thought I was posting in the evening thread!!! :joy:


The fucking drilling is still going on. Kill me now.


“can you keep it the same size but make it bigger”

no. no, I cannot.

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

Take it to the physics thread


I’ve just had to tackle some homophobic BS in the office :triumph:

(Colleague in response to an email about the company doing Pride stuff) “No I don’t want to join you for pride, maybe I will when we have a straight pride day” etc. Then when I pointed out that cishets haven’t been and aren’t still demonized, criminalized and persecuted like the lgbtq community I got “oh, let’s not get in to this, everyone’s been persecuted haven’t they” and that’s when I walked away. this was coming from someone in a management position too and I’m fucking livid.


Ok, maybe walking away wasn’t tackling it, but this person has a notoriously awful temper and I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.


Piss in their top drawer.