Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


update - just bought some WD40 on lunch and have lubed his chair up whilst he isn’t there.


Is there an HR department you can report them to? That’s absolutely not on, especially from someone in a management position.


Yeah came in to say this. Maybe even do it anonymously so no fear of reprisal.


Woulda done it with his blood personally!


Fuck that arsehole. I’d be having a good chat with HR


I’m too nice. Hang on he’s back. Better go before he sees this !


Still fucking squeaking. FFS


Maybe it’s his spine.


Stockpiling halloumi in his pants?


:joy: can you be wily and swap his chair for someone’s that’s far far away?!


No because he is really particular about his chair. Has his name on it.


Have you said, “mate why’s your chair squeaking?”


It’d be painfully obvious it was me. There was only one other person there and he was agreeing with her. The witness is the same man who never believes me when I tell him that someone’s a wife beater (Johnny Depp, John Lennon etc.)

I might try and have a word with her manager tomorrow and see if the whole team get can get a general reminder about this sort of thing.


I’m gonna have to. But after picking him up on eating fish at his desk yesterday I don’t want him to think I’ve got it in for him.


Colleague talks quite loudly on the phone. Not particularly irksome in itself, but he’ll then relay the entire conversation with me, which I’ve just heard one side of and can guess the rest, and in doing so he gets angry with ME as he repeats the argument he just had.




Oopsie! :blush:


Just got caught rolling my eyes at some laddish dickhead in sales talking about some diamond paint job he was getting on his BMW.

And I’d do it again.


sounds like a piece of shit, good on you

my old housemate who used to work in a call centre in manchester had a boss like this. One of his colleagues was looking at his nails, and the the boss said to my pal "back in my day we wouldn’t let people like him in the army’. My pal just said “well i’m glad we’re not in your day then” or sommat. I mean, the boss wasn’t even that old, and the lad was literally just looking at his hand for a second. fucking hell


Be subtle about it. Just start calling him “Squeaky Fishbreath” or something.