Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


fuck! who was that? absolutely go to HR with that. although ive previously had a pal go to HR about someone who said that a lesbian couple shouldnt be allowed to adopt and i dont think owt much came of it. but still


(also are you doing the parade this year? i think im going to do it again this year. didnt last year, cant remember why but i missed it :frowning: )


Oh man he’s squeaking and rubiks cubing at the same time now.


I’m going to Sheffield with the bike dorks that weekend :frowning:


I wish the 21 year old in our office would shut up telling me about rising rents and increasing fuel bills every day.

He lives with his parents, has never rented anywhere in his life and has never paid a bill in his life. He’s coming from a position of such privilege that it is maddening to hear this shit every day.


Pull him up on it. Ask him next time about what his bills are going up by and how it’s hitting his pocket.


at least he cares I guess, but annoying all the same


Nah, he doesn’t care. He spends his day reading news sites and mentioning whatever comes up without thinking about it. He doesn’t appear to realise that it affects us and it is really bugging me.


I just might do that.


Oh i thought he was banging on about it cos he’s concerned about it. Is he just bragging about being able to avoid it?


This is a historic one but about 5 years ago we had an intern here who would go bare feet, to this day I can’t decude whether to be irked or to admire the audacity


We had a manager and she used to go barefoot and I really started to fancy her after that

Absolute mixed feelings as bare foot in the office is on par with personal heaters and how they fuck up the entire offices temperature in my book


Had never encountered the radio thing until I started my current job. Couldn’t believe someone would have a radio on in an open plan office, just seems so inconsiderate. I guess the music is just an extension of the kind of behaviour that makes people quickly fill their desks with nonsense so it’s noticeably theirs, that’s the only reason i can think of that someone wouldn’t use headphones. My colleague goes away from her desk for meetings, lunch breaks and leaves the thing on, as if I want to hear the identikit crap the station plays on repeat.


Basically history’s greatest monster.


And will one day return to find a screwdriver through the speaker?


Just irked myself by looking forward to canteen lunch before remembering I’ve brought in a fucking salad from home

  • Eat the salad AND get a nice canteen lunch
  • Get canteen lunch and save the salad for later e.g. tomorrow
  • Be happy with the salad

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Day old salad as an option? That’s never a good choice.


Salad is never a good option anyway frankly…


first draft simpsons script needed work


I asked the person in the canteen what a particular dish was, they mistook this for me ordering it, now I have a lunch I don’t want and I don’t even know what it is. Might have to wait until the staff switch over so I can order a second lunch