Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)

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Can people stop posting agile it’s hurting my brain.

Safebruv: “we are gonna try using agile for this project which means that we will get bits of functionality as and when they’re ready”
Work “that sounds good”
Safebruv “just to be clear it will be regular small bits that get delivered meaning more testing at regular intervals”
Work “yes that’s fine.”

Deliver the first bit

Board to IT director “cut developer budget now that the project is finished”

Safebruv “I told you it wasn’t finished when we delivered the first bit what are you doing”
Work “ it’s fine it covers the functionality we need”
Safebruv “you really don’t want to do this it’s nowhere near finished”

One month later
Work “this doesn’t do everything we need”
Safebruv “I know I’ve told you this”
Work “ah so you did. We’d like the extra development doing now”
Safebruv “I’d love too but you’ve got rid of the developers”


Our work is never over.



Fucking hell.


That’s basically what I did. I have to rise above it a bit because I’m her boss’s boss, but I still sat fuming at my desk thinking of cutting, foul-mouthed retorts to what was really a harmless bit of nothing. So harmless that I’m STILL ANNOYED NOW.


Make sure you drive in tomorrow with Everybody Needs Somebody blaring out of the stereo though, yeah?


Just had an email round trying to drum up interest in a work social this weekend:

Many thanks to those of you who are coming on Saturday, to support of our groovy colleagues (with or without food/drink) and let’s hope last night’s football results won’t put too many of you off?
The weather looks to be hot & sunny so it’s gotta be better be outside by the river enjoying a beer & a burger watching ‘cooleagues’ making fools of themselves, *rather than sitting at home watching a bunch of overpaid egomaniacs flounce around for 90 minutes on the TV, being more careful of their hairdo’s, instead of scoring goals – and then having a penalty shootout!!!

fo, m


Makes me want to join your company just to go watch the football on Saturday out of spite.


we had our staff summer day out on friday and it resulted in one fractured ankle, one dislocated knee cap, two broken ribs (one of them mine) and numerous sprains. It’s brilliant.

I’m not irked - think it’s hilarious.




What haplened?! A company-wide game of British Bulldogs?? :smiley:


zorb british bulldogs was part of it


they’ve change the fucking toilet roll. one side is like sandpaper, the other side is like greaseproof paper. fuck this.


Compensation claim £££


People who expect you to dial a conference bridge number, enter an eight digit code, say your name after the tone, instead of simply clicking ‘Join’ on an Outlook reminder to use Skype



the level of noise from the pod of desks in front and the one behind me is doing my fucking head in. Constant noise. Not work chat, just inane fucking drivel. I’m gonna lose it soon I can see it coming.


A two hour call on European Money Market Fund Regulations



Minute one

“Brexit means brexit mate”

Put the phone down


Unfortunately the regulations come into force in January, and also I’m on a call with Dublin and Luxembourg


You wouldn’t get David Davis worrying about that pal and he’s got loads of money