Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


They’ve turned the air conditioning up and I don’t have a jumper with me! Brrr!


They’re not put our AC on high enough so we’re a bit sweaty

I’ve had a little moan and someone went “oh ffs I can’t believe you’re moaning about being warm? You’ve been saying you’re freezing for the last 6 months”

so that’s shut me up


Cover them in cement


Tell them you’ve been asking for the AC to be at a reasonable level and you still are, then spill their tea over their keyboard.


Anyone else have sports jock types that like to throw balls around in their office? It’s rife here. I want to burst everyone of there balls. #lads


That would fuck me right off immensely.


Nope, surprising really given the office setup


chuck in some Nerf guns and it’s like pure hell sometimes.


Replace the sponge bullets with real ones when no-one is looking.


Do we work together? Offices shouldn’t be split by function, they should be split by ‘likes an occasional chat but mostly here to work’ v ‘inane fucking drivel’.


I like that idea A LOT


A co-author has made 78 comments on a 14 page manuscript.

Massively irked by this.


Maybe your first draft was shit?


90% of first drafts are shit.


Leave work on Friday. Boss has announced she won’t be in on thurs or fri so wants everything complete by Wed but has scheduled two days of meetings on Tues and Wed. Good one.


Some finance lad is currently on some “every other department except finance gets overtime” rant. Erm, excuse me, I don’t, and I have to do prep work for hearings outside of working hours and have to travel on weekends without getting time in lieu, and that really limits the amount of time I can spend with my horses and on my yacht.


Went to a meeting/talk at 12:00. Speakers opening statement:
“thanks for taking the time out of your lunch break to attend this”

f o, m. Going for my hour lunch break now, and i’m putting your presentation down on my timesheet for good measure.


Really, truly hate this job. Had forgotten what a bludgeoning shitshow of boredom, stress, idiocy, pettiness, tyranny and passive aggressive resentment office work is. Really not cut out for it at all tbh. My mental health is fucked. There are maybe two people I can actually stand interacting with. I don’t even say hi or bye to the rest. Plus I feel vindicated in my “no nights out with these cunts” policy since I heard horror stories about sexual harassment and bullying taking place at the last few. Can’t believe there are people here who actually like the work. Might drive a car full of stolen office equipment into the canal, go out in one last blaze of glory. Only half joking. If I do it and survive I will post pics.


Thing is i should be gone in 12 weeks anyway if the mrs gets her visa and we move away forever, but right now it feels like it might as well be 12 centuries away. Eugh. How did people survive this shit before posting was a thing.


One of my workmates keeps jabbing his monitor screen whenever he points at something on it. Like you see the ripples around his finger because he’s pointing so hard, really annoys me when he does it but it’s his screen so whatevs. When he’s pointing something out on my screen though, I’m internally raging.

Anyway, this morning, there are two random lines of colour on his screen implying that it has been damaged. He was showing me something and I asked what had happened to which he responded “I don’t know, something wrong with the monitor”.

I got to reply “probably because you jab it with your finger so much” and now I am happy.