Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


The server that deals with the out of office bit of Outlook is not working so I can’t turn it off. So every mother fucker who emails me tells me that my out of office is on.

(on a separate note I like to call OOO autoaway and it really seems to annoy people)


What you’re complaining about has nothing to do with office work. Sounds like you just don’t like this workplace/job. Fingers crossed the next 12 weeks goes quickly for you and please do report any harrassment/bullying if you can, if you’re leaving soon anyway


idk i think office work is very conducive to certain kinds of behaviour. however yeah i agree the bullying and harassment is out of line but it’s been happening on nights out apparently, and because i have a very strict “no work and social life mixing” i haven’t witnessed any of it.


You could still report what you heard - there’s no requirement on you to have proof or have seen it yourself, you can just report it as a rumour and leave management to investigate


i guess i could. but i’ll be honest, and i know this is bad: this place is leaky af and it would get out, and without getting too detailed i’m currently dealing with enough family stuff, including a relative’s serious illness and supporting someone in my life who is dealing with SH themselves, that i really don’t need the added stress of 3 months of more bullshit atm. i’ve been trying to encourage the actual witnesses/people who first told me about it to speak up tho, i think this is a fair compromise. it’s not nice but i just have no appetite for more emotional pressure atm.


some massive bellend in the office keeps calling their out of office thing Autoaway.



Can you change your autoaway message?

“Balonz is working but cannot turn off autoaway replies, apologies for this unnecessary message”


People at work just calling each other dicks and twats on Facebook now. This isn’t regular work behaviour is it?
Work is increasingly nasty and the reason I’m off sick.


there should be a whistle blowing process in your company where you could anonymously report anything wrong that is going on.


Won’t even open when I click on the autoaway box!


You should have said, “Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that was the deal.” Then stood up and walked out.

summarised cos this is supposed to be a fun thread really

can’t get too deep into the weeds cos i dunno if that could give away who i am/where i work but there is a whistleblowing pol, but like i said i would find that very stressful during what’s already a stressful time personally and i’d be reporting something i didn’t see and have only been told about 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand. sure management could investigate but i’m not sure i’d trust them to do it anyway without it coming out that i raised it. really don’t need that atm. i think one of the people i’ve been encouraging to speak up is close to doing so, i’m just not getting personally involved tbh, i’ve got enough on my plate rn.


woman in my team at work emailed us saying it would be a good idea to put an autoaway on at the end of every shift. absolutely fuck off like.


fair enough. totally understand looking after number one. I’m doing the same in different circumstances at the moment. Hope things work out for you.


you too mate


I have often thought that Outlook should have a feature where it sends an away message based on your calendar. That way you never have to set out of office when you’re on holiday and you could even get messages saying your colleague is in a meeting right now or something.


You need Skype for Business. Integrated into Outlook, shows you instantly whether someone is online, busy/in a meeting, or away. So useful. “I’ll just email Tom…oh wait he’s showing as offline for 18 hours so he hasn’t got into the office yet…let’s try Andrea instead”. [Classic Tom, etc]


Yeah we have that but it requires the other person is online and you are at your computer too. Moreover when they’re on holiday they’re always just offline it won’t send external OOO so you don’t have to.


At the coffee shop downstairs where I work they have pictures to demonstrate the coffee / milk ratios in each of them, which would be fine, but the cup sizes for espresso and macchiato are the same size as those for a latte or a flat white. I don’t want them 100 proportional to real life, but even just a bit smaller would be an improvement!


I have just received a marketing email marked High Importance. The absolute cheek of it.

Also it’s from North Korea, which isn’t irksome but is quite odd.