Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Thinly veiled I got an email from North Korea


I certainly don’t, it doesn’t warrant a reply!!


kim jong undeliverable


I got 99 problems but work irks ain’t one.

See ya suckers :smile:


this is truly fantastic work :heart:


I used to defend Dan when everyone called him a dip-shit, but his inability to put anything in the correct place wasted half my fucking day setting up for the wrong exam. Don’t think I’ll be sticking up for him any more.


I had Croatia in the office World Cup sweepstake, so won £27 in total. Donated it all to the charity Mermaids (which provides support to trans kids and their families) and emailed people out of courtesy to let them know.

One person told me in the kitchen this morning that they didn’t think it was ok for me to have donated to a charity that they know nothing about with their money, without their consent. I think I’ve also just overheard someone else complaining to my manager about it…


a) not their money
b) they can fuck right off


honestly can’t imagine the level of comfort you’d have to live in to have such a problem with this you’re crying to a manager about it.

and they’re obviously bigots as well


Ridiculous isn’t it? Can’t believe I nearly bought these people doughnuts instead.


You know what though - you did a great thing for a charity, and you pissed off some bigots, who are hopefully going to be told how irrational and stupid they are. Good work!


Exactly. As much as it has irked me I am revelling in the fact that it has seemingly irked them more


So if you’d donated to a not well known cancer charity you would’ve got the same response? :thinking:

Imagine actually complaining about someone donating to charity. What nobs.

Do you know what, I think you have actual grounds to go to HR and complain against them.


And here endeth the story of why sweepstakes were banned at Bergkamps place of work


New guy sitting next to me. He’s from another team, but he’s invaded OUR neighbourhood, the bastard. He also spends loads of his time staring at Facebook on his phone, which he puts on the corner of his desk next to mine, which means he’s practically facing me sideways. He’s also one of those wankers who jiggles his leg all the time.

I want to wipe snot all over his mouse, and throw his phone down the bog when he’s away from his desk.


Don’t really have many irks, sorry. I guess I kinda wish a couple of my colleagues were more competent & interesting to talk to, but ultimately… meh


If you have no irks you are the irk


I mean I kinda piss off the less competent ones cos I’m bad at nicely asking people to do stuff they should know to/how to do. But nah, I dunno how all your offices seem such bad places to work


Well today there was a 45 minute chat about banning burkhas and how we should.
There’s no leadership, i’m regularly the most senior person in my office but don’t actually have any staff


Get a job in the public sector m9

You still get departments that are a mess and stuff, but at least racists generally get fired.