Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


currently combing through an old employee’s files looking for a piece of information

here’s hoping it’s in New Folder (39)

:tired_face: :gun:



My new monitor is too shiny so now I have to look at my hideous reflection all day


Wear a veil that mimics what is behind you.


Last week I got engaged. I’d taken a few days off for this, but sent an email to the colleagues in my team from home during that time. Three of them immediately responded with congratulations. The remaining four, including my boss haven’t mentioned it at all even after I got back to work.

[Obviously this doesn’t mean my colleagues don’t care. It means even my boss can’t be arsed to read emails from his own team. We’re going down the tubes fast here.]



Can’t believe no one else here cares enough to have replied with this. We’re going down the tubes fast here at DiS…


Thank you. I made an executive decision not to make a deal of it here, but now I have to complain about work so it’s inevitable.



(post liked for the engaged bit, not the shit boss bit)


When are the invites going out? I will need at least a save the date card within the next four weeks.


got a jumper ready?

congrats @colinfilth!


Looks like I won’t be needing one for @Scott_Chegg 's unless there has been a postal delay so will carry that over.


Do you think you will get married? Obviously you are under no obligation to answer this question and I’m just being nosey and I don’t think it makes any difference if you do or not.




I know you didn’t ask me but people keep asking me this A LOT lately. No idea why.

But I got asked this by someone the other week and I said I dunno you’ll have to ask him (meaning my bf) and they responded that they did ask him and he said he doesn’t want to because it’s too expensive and you may as well buy a new house instead

Is this person just trying to throw me off the scent?


I’m really sorry 'Lonz. I would have you there but my Nan straight up just doesn’t like your posts.


Odd that they would ask him and get a no and then ask you. Either throwing you off the scent or shit stirring.


She called your future spouse a twat I heard. If you could pass that on and then maybe uninvite her.


So you’re saying I should investigate this more? Ok thanks!

(also tying this into a work irk, luckily someone who no longer works here now kept saying to me “SHOW ME YOUR HAND” the day I returned back from several holidays. They would then go “oh no this time, maybe next holiday!!!” :roll_eyes:)


This isn’t really an irk but full roaster has just had to go off to the drop in centre as he hurt his arm moving 12 litres of vinegar (which he bulk buys for cleaning).


I just got kicked out of my old work messenger. I’d muted it about a year ago. People are horrible. I’ll name them Bosses and Workers. The bosses are the two slightly higher up people

W “Don’t suppose anyone wants an 8-3 tomorrow? I could really use the morning off”

A couple of back and forths to sort it and it’s been sorted…

B"I don’t care who’s covering it as long as it’s covered"
W"yeah it’s sorted"
B"So who might be covering tomorrow, pray tell" :face_vomiting:
B"yes please do"
W"if you read up it says that ___ is covering morning and ___ is covering evening
B"I’m too fucking busy to scroll through a million back and forth messages. It’s a simple question."
B" 2 names.
That’s it
2 names
Am -
Pm -"
W"um ok. __ is covering the morning __ is covering evening
B"fukin hell"
B"fuck my life"