Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


ok so can’t is 1 word


Isn’t is 2



:exploding_head: never considered this before


Really hoping this is the essence of his blog post.

Not going to look at it and find out though.




Well if it’s a woman then she has a very unfortunate face. And beard.


haha suddenly realising Glenn “could” be a female name

love you


Couple of things.

  1. The work magazine ran a headline “Real Men Wear Pink”
  2. When my redneck boss was talking to my racist colleague about the caravan of “Mexicans” approaching the border she said, “It’s unfair on people like Sky Box Office who went through the trouble of coming in legally.” I said, "I have no issue with that. " What I wanted to say was, “How dare you use me to justify yr racism.”


Christmas leave arrangements being discussed. This has been going on for weeks. Back and forth with moaning and talk of some people being off more. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck off the lot of you


Yes that was Close :wink:


the office attention seeker has drawn a raggedy ann type facepaint thing all over his face in mascara and rouge and put his hair into pigtails. i don’t know why, halloween was wednesday and afaik he isn’t going anywhere tonight. i think in his head he thought he would get a lot of “oh you’re so wacky and unique” type comments, but everyone is just pretending he hasn’t done it. he keeps getting up and walking around the office, i think he’s fishing for attention, and nobody cares. it’s just really awkward and weird, not the lark he seemed to think it would be. kind of like an updated richard yates story or some shit. i feel bad for him, like obviously there is something going on here and you’ve done this thinking it would be hilarious or cool but everyone thinks it’s too much weirdness for such a busy day, and you will look back on this in a few months and be embarrassed about it, and you will hate yourself. think, man, for christ’s sake. stop doing this to yrself.


So why don’t you talk to him?


ohhhh good on you for towing the line

this person sounds like he doesnt understand how important work is


Someone has bought KFC and now their terrible chips reek


not wanting to deal with random try hard quirkiness cos it’s friday and busy af and management are breaking everyone’s balls and we’re all really tired and stressed =/= loving work. easy, tiger.

i don’t really know what to say. i mean he can be quite mean and defensive when people call him on his shit. i’ve seen him flare up at people before when they told him to stop doing his pranks or whatever. anyway management have asked him to wash it off due to visitors later and he tried but now it’s smeared all over his face.




yeah that’s pretty funny tbh



Ask him about the reasons for him dressing up today, but do it in a friendly, non-confrontational way?


Very tricky to get the tone right with this. I’d go with something like “oi mate, how come you’re dressed like a twat?”


It takes a twat to know a twat.