Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


What sort of pranks does he do?


someone’s just put on All I Want For Christmas Is You :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


it’s like loosening wheels on chairs and hiding keyboards and stuff. he got told off a month after i started and hasn’t done it since. he also walks around barefoot and whistles and sings random snatches of britpop songs. he’s just a very annoying person tbh.


they tried to get the secret santa chat going yesterday and we were like nah fuck off with that it’s barely november.


Office 365 installation has been scheduled for midday today. That’s top timing that is. Bang in the midst of some pretty important coding. Totally hamstrung now.


Don’t think I’ve mentioned this in this thread, but when someone in our office enquired as to why we hadn’t had a fire drill since we shifted into this building a year ago they were told that we had had a couple. Both at 7am.


There’s a big drive on at our offices at the moment to get people to wear their security passes at all times. This is being sold as because of increased security risks, but is in fact a result of the fact that the other week a homeless person got into one of our buildings and went round all the floors eating all the biscuits.


our office has been on a similar campaign, and there were recently some memos about there having been an “incident”. tempted to start a rumour that this was it


A “restructuring” has been announced at my workplace which is management speak for making half of our department redundant - despite us having record breaking productivity. Despite them being a minimum of three weeks behind the deadlines and making tons of mistakes the company that does this work in India are a lot cheaper. And that’s what counts

I might be one of the “lucky” ones to be kept on, or I might not. And even if I get to stay it’ll probably be a far less pleasant place to be. Morale is down right now. No one gives a crap. The way they’re going about things doesn’t make for a happy workforce. Two people in other areas found that they were being made redundant by simply not seeing their roles on the new department structure diagram!

Of course, the management who are planning this are people who are looking at the big picture but do not understand how things work and what gets done at a departmental level.

Every CPM here who sends materials to outside companies for design/typesetting are complaining about the shoddy work and late delivery and wish they could have us doing it instead.

Getting rid of us will lead to a worse turnover rate amongst CPMs and overall a lower quality product at the end. Which will probably lead to contracts for those jobs (from government) being lost and therefore the cost savings they’re trying to make will be negated many times over.

It’s short sighted and stupid but there’s not much you can do when people like this have made a decision.

I’m ready to move on. So if anyone works somewhere with a publishing, reprographics, design/typesetting department with a vacancy or anything else you think it’d be worth me applying for please do let me know.



yikes. gl, dpj


This was so confusing as i’d scrolled past who’d posted it.


And the rest of us are in limbo, not knowing which six of us stay and which six are being let go. Meanwhile, those that do get kept on will be thinking about jumping ship anyway as soon as they find a job somewhere else that pays better because surely they are they going to drop the entire department and farm it all out to underpaid and underskilled people in India eventually and before that happens those of us left over will have too much shit to deal with because we’ll be having to deal with the late and half-arsed jobs being sent back by the outsourced company.


Thought it was some kind of slang for immigrants


Thought it was about Eddie hearn and match room boxing launching over there


eternal heck to work tbh, loving my anny leave rn


Sorry to hear this.

I’ve been in this situation a couple of times before and my team had 3 months of rock bottom morale, anger, frustration. Even if you’re not bothered whether you stay or go, it still makes going to work much more of a chore.

Some had to compete and interview against their friends/equivalents for a harder version of the same job for the same money.

And then some sad/awkward leaving events.

On the plus side, generally everybody who was made redundant - or left of their own accord during the process - has ended up somewhere where they’re a lot happier.


This was a happy team. Everybody enjoyed their work. Which was reflected in record levels of production. Speed of turnaround. Accuracy. Now, since the announcement, production levels have severely dipped. And after this is all over I don’t see it picking up to previous levels. None of us gives a crap any more. I applied for a job last night that sounded perfect for me. And it was £4k a year more too. Fingers crossed that I get it and get the redundancy money too. Knowing my luck though…


they tried telling me i should have been in today so i sent them a snap of the rota i took as it looked four weeks ago (they’re not supposed to change it once published), and now they’re saying i agreed to some rando swap. i’m like yes i remember, it was for this weekend, which the rota reflects. they’ll be running around telling everyone their side of it tho so when i go in tomorrow everyone will think i am lying despite my proof. i really hate my job.


i think what has happened is they did the rota and put it out, I’ve taken that screenshot, then a day or so later they’ve realised the rota is wrong and changed to reflect different swaps and stuff but haven’t told anyone. i mean we agreed to this swap like 6 weeks ago so the first go at the november rota should have reflected this immediately. so mad now.


by which i mean i figured either the swap was there with the weekend i’m due to work at the end of the month or the other party had cancelled, either way i’m snapping this rota and going off that. little did i know…