Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Geneva/Switzerland-specific commuting woes:

  • people sit in the aisle seat and don’t move to let anyone sit down
  • people stand up when there are loads of seats free, which makes the bus more crowded and makes it hard to get to the seats
  • no one lets people get off the bus first before others get on
  • irks 2 and 3 mean it’s near impossible to get on or off a bus with more than 10 people on it


Really struggling to keep my head above water at the moment. Been seconded in to a senior role running the whole call centre (was previously ops manager for one ‘brand’ which was about 90 heads, now have 200), the resourcing manager has just been sacked and my equivalent who looks after complaints and email contact has just been suspended for sexual harassment. I’m now picking up bits of both of their work despite being wildly under qualified for resourcing / forecasting / budgeting and my manager keeps piling work on me because she is relatively new and doesn’t really get how a contact centre works so can’t say no when she is challenged. Finding myself in situations with increasingly bullish senior people with no support and when I flag concerns with my manager her response is “well I’m doing a lot extra too.”

Can’t wait for end of December and the end of this. Argh.


And now it turns out that their cost savings explanation is all nonsense - based on what they hope a supplier will pay to do our jobs but with no contract in place, no agreement on prices, and said company will have to go through a process where their ability and, importantly, security is evaluated, in order to meet specific government standards for safeguarding secure materials. If we have a leaving date of mid to late January then the outside supplier simply will not be ready in time. It’s complete bollocks.


This JPG has just been shared in our department to illustrate the difference between our in-house department vs using an outside supplier. It’s not funny because it’s true and it’s going to happen.


Through the summer I worked on a huge ‘information manual’ which was printed about two months ago. Since then there have been various ‘updates’, corrections and amendments. All of the chapters are on the internet as PDFs and every time there’s a change the PDF is replaced, along with an updated PDF describing the updates. If they didn’t bother printing a book that is instantly out of date the money saved could keep one person in our department from being made redundant. Fucking management cunts.


Does anyone have someone at work who just moans and you offer solutions but they don’t wanna take them?

This week:

I’m cold
ok put a jumper on
no i don’t like jumpers
ok then be cold??

I’m hungry
did you eat breakfast?
why don’t you eat something
don’t want to



It’s very much dealing with my daughter when she’s in a belligerent mood.

Some people just live to have a moan and don’t want solutions because then, well, life’s only thing of value has gone then hasn’t it.


some people really like whingeing don’t they, puts me in a bad mood when i have to work next to it all day


love a good whinge


not all day tho surely


It definitely seems like this person wants to moan just to have something to say?
I feel like I’m surrounded by miserable moaners all day at work and it proper brings me down!


You know what might cheer everyone up? Nerf guns.


love a nerf. i saw a kid playing with a machine gun nerf in the summer, he looked like he was having the time of his life


And of course at the end of the day we are the horse’s arse.


This sounds like the sort of challenge one might set oneself: to manipulate a particularly dim senior manager into delivering this line, with this picture at a presentation.


I could definitely name a couple of ours who could easily be convinced that “the horse’s arse” is the latest slang for “dog’s bollocks”.


no, i dont talk much anyway, if its proper getting people down at work i shouldnt joke around. sorry.



no tricklenipple, i wasn’t having a go! just you don’t strike me as the type who would moan all day at work anyway (i mean from what i know about you from on here)


haha, good good. im having a weird emotions day.


I would just like to go on record that I definitely am this type.