Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Been in my current job 18 months. Two girls sat near me whinge every single day I have worked here.


It’s obviously not working


I’d probably just leave if someone awful started. They’ve shown great resilience in sticking it out this long.

Edit - hilarious reply to @LeeKaye


No no no. Nerf guns in the office are for the lads who love a bit of banter. Get in the bin and take your toy gun with you.


Well, at least the horse is happy, right? Right? Yeah?


This new work colleague who seems a bit useless has just moaned about the main supervisor to me.

Oh yeah, smart idea, moaning about your supervisor in the office when they could be around the corner. Or when other people loyal to the supervisor might have heard that. And trying to get me involved.


I’m irked, lads.

Someone just asked if I’d like to write something for them in excahnge for £60 in expenses (it’s about sightseeing). I said it’s half what I’d ask for but I’d do it as it suited my work and I could do most of the stuff for free anyway and keep the fee. Then I got this form through saying I have to prove I’ve spent £60 on coffees and shit and I said no thanks, that’s the same as free work as I can’t pay rent with free cake and bus journeys and that childcare alone is more than that. They said 'HEY NO PROBLEM, JUST TAKE YOUR KID WITH YOU :smiley:

Just pay me the sodding money instead, yeah? Irked.


Just tell them no.




i started at 10 today and the aforesaid attention seeker started at 8. we are both doing the same “task” today. anyway i’ve somehow done twice as much as him, going by the logs, yet he’s had 2 hours headstart. Im currently on break and he leaves at 4. work is piling up and i know he won’t touch it before he goes. really fucking wound up, usually don’t let this stuff bother me but because he always has an excuse and they’re apparently sick of trying to get him to perform like a grown up, management will be expecting me to just do it without saying anything.

not just irked; fucking fucked off.


was in a breakout space taking a call (interviewing someone for something vaguely important), and a guy from the Brexit consultancy firm just walked right over and sat next to me and went on a call too

can overhear them still talking

“and that op ed… you’re putting that in the standard, yeah?”


think it’s just the sheer disrespect he shows. it’s every day. towards people who dislike the job just as much as he does, and also have our own shit to deal with outside work. i’m sure he thinks he’s really sticking it to management, but they don’t give a shit mate. it’s just us you’re shafting. just expecting people to pick up the slack, as though i’m here for love of a fucking admin job and not cos i need to pay rent. so i finish at 6 which means i’ll be unfucking his work for the next 2 and a half hours, cos they won’t go after him, they’ll go after whoever was on the same task as him that day (due to various bullshit he has told them about his reasons for being a dipshit).

Edit: oh my i am angry


id take this to your boss

just say you are considering leaving if its not sorted


tbh I absolutely love that I’m wearing stripey tiger socks and have taken my shoes off cause my boots soaked through. wish my feet smelled so I could keep these things (tories) at a safer distance.


looking like this is the only option, but who wants a snitch tag? i mean it’s not just me, everyone is pissed about it but the managers simply won’t do anything. hitting the nuke button with that kind of threat might be a shout.

it really is a sad day when i think someone isn’t working hard enough :pensive:


not really a snitch if it is also pushing a good member of staff (you) to be unhappy in the role

Who cares about the other person


this is it i guess, it’s deffo not a role worth getting stressed about, but sometimes in these environments you get a real plonker who makes you go there. so shit.


Our management have decided all our teams should do “roadshows” of our work for the other teams.

There’s one today. They’ve put posters up in all the lifts. At the end of the poster it mentions “Putting your questions to the Project Manager’s”

I’ve been getting my pen out frequently in the lifts today, but I’m not sure I’ve got them all yet.


Members of the public are still assholes.


personally i wouldn’t threaten to leave, but i would say “x appears to be having difficulty getting his work done [or something to that effect], how would you like me to handle it when it leaves me with more work than i can reasonably get done in the time after x goes home?”