Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


yeah, good way to go. i like how it doesn’t accuse outright but heavily implies there are serious issues here.


Sick of my yuppy colleagues. would rather work with someone who ate smelly food did no work and complained all day than people who just go on about their financial ventures and self improvement guru podcasts. colleague the other day was saying he’s gonna invest in the sex robot industry, I should have said I BET YOU ARE but it only just occurred to me to say that


“Never heard it called that before!”


Since two redundancies on Friday there’s only four of us in the office, including the boss. Feels like I’m in a family business, hate it. Nowhere to hide.


Getting rather pissed off with constantly getting it in the neck for not knowing enough about test prep and too much about equipment, then being heavily relied on for my knowledge of equipment. I came back on Friday after 3 weeks off sick then had to work Saturday AND today (which should have been my lieu day) because the rota had been fucked up and there were no other equipment people in ffs. Today was the first day in weeks that I’d not woken up in pain but ofc that changed when i had to haul a 90kg robot around on my own :sob:

tl;dr: i’m very tired


They’ve added Smooth to the rotation of radio stations that they play. Don’t need that shit on a night shift, far too depressing.


shouldn’t you be on phased return? alarming they’re making you haul shit around.


idk. i’ve only done phased returns for mental health absences, not physical ones. i managed to go to work one day in those three weeks (and left cos i had to go to hospital) so i don’t think it counts as a continuous absence anyway.


I’d have thought it was against HSE to move something that heavy on your own too.

think it’s anything over 25kg is a two person lift?


he’s on a trolley. still a pain in the arse to push around though.


Not sure there’s a defined limit, seem to remember being told before in manual handling training that if you can’t move it/think it’s too heavy, then it’s too heavy.

90kg sounds ridiculous though unless its on a dolly or you’ve got a pallet truck or something?


If its physical then when you return i’m pretty sure someone like a health and safety rep needs to assess your physical abilities before your boss starts assigning you work.


Got in this morning to find one of my underlings in full bitch mode about her colleague’s work. Had to rein her in and remind her a) of the fact that her colleague has only been in the role 6 months and b) of some of the shit that her predecessors used to produce after three times as long in the same role.

I’ve asked her to take her colleague through the little niggles that she’s found this morning so she can learn from her mistakes, which she’s doing now, but there’s a lot of desk jabbing going on :roll_eyes:.

I wouldn’t mind if the work being produced was actually shit and the moaner wasn’t also guilty (as am I from time to time) of missing details from time to time.


I’ve said it before but I think I might be a bit overqualified for my current job.

I mean what I have to do is really, really easy and I get congratulated by my ‘superiors’ for doing straightforward tasks, which is a bit patronising. Yet at the same time my colleagues find it hard, and one of them is basically never there because it’s too much for him. It’s a piece of piss, it doesn’t even feel like work. Which is perhaps why I don’t mind doing it…


what sort of thing are you doing?


Yeah just be careful the complainer doesn’t end up micromanaging her colleague


Yeah, good point. Thanks, GP :slight_smile:

I am keeping an eye on it, they both sit next to me now after a desk re-jig, and all seems to have been fairly smooth so far.


Can’t really say for confidentiality reasons, even me posting that on the internet is probably bad enough or I’m just very paranoid.

But basically we’re given instructions as to what to do and it’s the same things over and over again. It’s really easy, the problem is some colleagues get bored really easily and they can’t be bothered to do it properly and instead want a chat, which slows down their progress, which in turn slows down my progress, and there’s a bloody lot to get through.


I can only assume you are working in wet ops

please don’t whack me


imagine it’s very similar style-wise to my job tbh