Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Absolutely unforgivable


I’ve accidentally found out some pretty juicy work gossip but can’t tell anyone and it’s KILLING ME


tell us!


I actually feel really very sorry for people who are really extroverted and constantly need to chat even though these people stress the fuck out of me, it’s just obvious there’s no hope for them in ever moving up the career ladder because they’re too busy always wanting a chat…


Or you make talking your job like I have.


i think with our place, because there is little hope of progression, that explains a lot of chit-chat. i don’t mind it too much, i just like to be able to remove myself from it and be quiet for a the most part while listening to music or a podcast as i work.

there are some people i like chatting to, tho. just depends how busy it is.


Oh, it’s really not remotely exciting if you don’t know the people in question but basically things are K I C K I N G O F F


I’m fortunate here in that I can usually put on my headphones and get on with my work.


Oh mate. They’re the ones who are going to move up, because they have social capital and everyone likes them, and they know everything going on in the organisation. Most of the time the quiet achievers get overlooked (unless you’ve got a good boss).
[This post brought to you by IJ’s temporary cynicism; he may feel differently tomorrow]


I don’t agree with this. I mean people who seemingly can’t stop talking or cope doing something on their own for more than 5 minutes (this is actually a lot of people, probably the majority of people in fact). The people who need constant social interaction for some reason, they’re the ones who waste time and generally have poor time-management skills. Honestly I must get about 4 times as much work done than them in one day. I think any half-decent boss can tell if you work hard or not.


yeah same, it makes the shift go much quicker in my experience, and as well as being good for relaxation it’s certainly less of a faff than flailing about for tidbits of small talk with people you don’t have much in common with.


They’ll be the boss one day.


Although the bloke who talks really loudly has just come in so I’ve had to stop for a while until he’s settled in and shuts up for a while. No managers are in today, though, so he’ll probably talk nonsense for ages. First he was going on about the blood pressure monitor he has to wear for 24 hours. Now he’s going on about ‘Black Friday’. Then about the public holidays they had when he lived in the USA. He talks about having lived there quite a lot. That and his expensive bicycles. And he also annoys me by telling people he lives in a ‘gated community’. He lives in a flat in Upper Holloway that has a gate at the entrance where people need to buzz in. He’s mumbling something that no one’s listening to now… Oh, he’s stood up. Is he going to leave us in peace or start talking again? No, he’s off to the canteen for breakfast. Sigh…


haha, now he’ll talk about his breakfast, then about the bowl he’s eating from, then about other kinds of breakfasts he has had while cycling around the country, then he’ll link this back to his heart monitor. day’s a write off mate :grinning:


He’s now sitting there with a bowl of porridge, making slurping noises and breathing heavily.


But people in senior positions aren’t actually doing loads of work. They’re networking/talking/brainstorming. That kind of shit.

Also I am a huge talker. Massive. Will chat to anyone that will wanna stop for a convo at work. But then I can also get my work done mega mega quickly.


Also lots of people can be productive while chatting, or very unproductive while silent. I’m completely in the ‘need to block everyone out to get shit done’ camp but that’s just me


Oh yeah I have no qualms telling everyone to bugger off when I’M concentrating but I’ll happily distract everyone.


i’d like to set fire to whoever came up with the idea of open plan offices


In the office in Leeds they don’t let you listen to music so if you want peace you have to find a little silent corner of the office. Nightmare. I basically ‘network’ in the office then work at home tbh