Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


Got a conference call at 2pm, scheduled for 1 hour.

There’s 28 agenda items. It’s not gonna be an hour is it, i’m gonna get stuck here till 6 or summat


I think that going from analyst to management is not such a great leap in some ways as being a graphic designer and then managing graphic designers. For me to be doing no design/creative work at all and just managing the projects and workflow is so much more an entirely different thing, I think.


It might not be such a great leap, but believe me plenty of people fail to make it. To be honest I don’t really see why you’d think giving up an analytical role would be any less of a wrench than giving up a design one.


Because creatives :rofl:


my American editor making this tracked change to a proposal I’ve written



Literally everyone in my office is part of the secret santa, about 25 people.

Only people who don’t want to be involved are those who sit on my bank of desks :roll_eyes:


Perfect. Are you hiring?


asked my work for three weeks off at christmas, always carry over holiday every year but this year what with moving twice I wanted to take it all, but inevitably I cancelled loads due to work load throughout the year. thought christmas would be a good time to take it as lots of people take a couple of weeks so it isn’t much more (and really because of bank holidays and my working pattern I am only actually asking for 11 days off), but there is some umming and ahhing, manager has emailed my director to see if it is ok, bit annoyed on account of how flexible i’ve always been


bosses always expect that flexibility to be one way


in fairness, everyone wants time off over christmas and i’m guessing they need some people in


I suppose, but role is pretty niche amongst the wider team, its not like I can cover for other people or they can cover for me, so as long as none of my projects have any crucial deadlines around then I think they should be able to plan around my plans, as I have with theirs


Every fucking day.


Big toothbrush or tiny sink?


outcome of a meeting my mate just had in which he raised the issue of the lazy bastard:

  1. stop checking the logs, because highlighting how much work people do is bad for team morale
  2. yes, LB is at the top end of the wage band and yet does little to no work, no, it does not skirt up to wage theft that we are getting more work out of lower paid members of staff like yourselves
  3. if you raise this issue again, we feel it would be fair to assume there is personal animosity at play, not professional. we may have to open up a bullying investigation
  4. the best thing to do to move forward is to stop worrying about doing more work than them

they just sent an e-mail out more or less saying the same thing. “it has come to our attention…”

actually unbelievable


Sounds about right


all i can figure is LB has some dirt on them or something


Are a bunch of you all feeling the same way?


oh, yes. their solution was that we need to approach the individual and talk it through with them. because that won’t look like bullying at all, will it. the whole team taking it in turns to criticise this guy’s performance.


Not all bosses


Was this feedback from your direct boss or higher up?