Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


direct boss. thought my mate was exaggerating until they rushed out the team email.


Absolutely. You should just down tools to the level required to do an equivalent amount of work as the lazy bastard.


Check the logs and make sure you do that same amount of work as LB and ask for a pay rise if he’s getting more then you.


“I love me a good slowdown”


NHS, they won’t do stuff like that. Basically time for another job I guess.


After three weeks of consultation, today we each had a one to one meeting was just pretty much telling us what we know already.

Five roles being made redundant, five remaining, but the scope of the job would be narrowed to specialising on just one particular type of job. Fine by me because I can do that as well as anyone else here. And I can do other creative stuff in my own time as a freelance, as I do already.

One month’s notice would start on 20 December, if I am one to not be retained. Three weeks redundancy money.

Anyone made redundant will be advised of in-house vacancies they could go for. And there are outside companies we would have access to which help with CVs, interview techniques and all that kind of stuff. Plus 40% of working hours during notice period to job search and time off for interviews when we need to.

Next meeting, which is pretty much being interviewed for my own job, will be on Tuesday. I’m not going in there assuming I will be chosen to be retained but at the same time i am confident that I could be one of them. I am good enough, know house style and company branding as well as anyone and better than some.

Wtih the redundancy money not great, due to me only being here three years, I’d rather find a new job in my own time. Look for a job, go for the one I really want, rather than be forced to look.

So I now have to wait for the next meeting on Tuesday and then by the end of next week see what’s what…


Good luck. Work sucks. Apologies for the considerably more trivial post I’m about to make.


We’re doing internal roadshows to the other teams in our building. These were a result of our employee dissatisfaction survey where apparently “you” aka I asked for this to happen.

Boss sent out an email asking for volunteers to do one hour slots earlier in the week. I didn’t respond, because I don’t want to do it. Then this email exchange just happened:

Boss :Thanks for everyone who responded to my emails. We are short for a couple of slots.
colinfilth – I hope you don’t mind but I put you down for the 2 – 3 slot, please say if you are unable to do this.
Me: I’d prefer not to, but will if I must.
Boss: Could you do anytime tomorrow?
Me: I’ll do 2-3
Boss: Are you sure? I can move things around if needed.
Me: 2-3 is fine
Boss: Okay thank you.

I am not a model employee.


Newish colleague has just IM’d me a YouTube link called “What the English really think of Scotland!”


why are the English like this


If only you were Irish, you could just say “The Brits are at it again.” and that would explain everything.


My great grandmother was, so I might appropriate this anyway.


someone took slightly too long to reply to my email thanking me for a favour I did


What a fucker.


Wait hang on. You sent someone an email thanking yourself for a favour you did them? That’s a bit weird.


alright DrMcWords.


This morning I had another meeting. My second individual consultation meeting following three departmental consultation meetings. This was more of a job interview, however. Tomorrow we are all told who is made redundant and who is being kept on. If I am being kept on, there are no more meetings. If I’m made redundant there are two more meetings, which involve confirming what’s happening, what the deal is, and the help in getting a new job or moving within the company. All I can do now is wait until tomorrow - after a full month of us all being in limbo.


There’s a sort of company social media/facebook type thing (I know…) and people are currently OUTRAGED that the company christmas cards don’t have ‘Christmas’ on them, but ‘festive greetings’ or something.


Reading that I thought, I bet back in Victorian times there were cards that just said things like ‘seasons greetings’ and I bet no one complained. And I was right. They also had a bunch of really weird ones:


^These are good…