Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


There’s loads more on google images. you don’t even had to add ‘weird’ or ‘odd’ to the search:


Big fan of the mouse riding on the back of a lobster


Do you use Workplace?

We’re being encouraged to ckeck it for important updates but it’s basically Facebook for the guy in Learning Support to promote his band.


The pig in the bottom corner.


You can’t even reference Christmas on cards any more!!!

(Sorry for the thread derail)


Can this be real?


Thought this said Jewish to start with and was thoroughly confused


Do you think the other monkey is about to cosh the artist monkey or the dog?

This is bothering me.


Someone in our department has decided to use a newly-installed whiteboard as a platform for “inspirational” quotes. A cringey enough concept to start off with, but today’s quote falls flat on it’s arse on all levels :

“Well, that’s another fine mess you’ve got us in to” - Stan Laurel.

Well, first fucking off, if you’re going for a shining example of professionalism to inspire the workforce, then perhaps two chumps who couldn’t get a piano up the stairs shouldn’t be your poster boys.

And that’s before we even get into the fact that it should be “another nice mess”, as “another fine mess” was a title of one of their films, not to mention that it was always Oliie who uttered that line.

I suspect someone in here has found out I’m a big L&H fan and have deployed a megaton irk.


Totally going to write a horrendous misquote from a Marx Brothers movie on there tomorrow in an attempt to flush this ne’er-do-well out.


" *Outside of a cat, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a cat, it’s a knock on the door from the RSPCA" - Karl Marx.

That ought to fucking do it. IRKED.


Upper management, having no idea about who we are and what we do as individuals, made redundancies on a last in, first out basis. There were five redundancies. I was the fifth from last to be employed and therefore I’m out. My department manager was incredulous - I’m the one with the awards two years in a row for productivity/accuracy. I’m currently working on a project with the highest security levels (the job is © The Crown rather than © our company) and the job continues into March. Is that job fucked or what? Deadlines will not be met. No one else can take over from me because no one else knows how to do it. The contract will be lost. And other contracts that we are now unable to fulfil. Do I care? As far as I’m concerned my notice period starts now. I’ll be putting in as much effort as necessary to do the job but without putting myself out at all to beat deadlines. I arrive at eight and leave at four. If the job can’t be done in that time, it’s not my problem, right?


Start a new company and take that contract with you


Sorry to hear that. That seems pretty unfair, tbh.


Sounds sensible, and I hope you’re taking full advantage of anything they’re offering in terms of time off for interviews, CB preparation etc.

Really sorry this happened, LIFO is a fucking stupid approach in most circumstances, and it’s bizarre to me that upper management are making the decision without talking to your own manager.


yeah pull some mad men shit PJ!


The know-nothing manager who’s made us redundant just sent out a list of suitable vacancies elsewhere in the business. Spot the typo!



Is it “no-nothing”?


Didn’t your parents teach you not to be an ass?


People keep asking me questions when I’m trying to eat scones.