Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


and donuts


Someone keeps putting toilet paper in the bin rather than down the toilet. Its gross.


Spending 1 hour+ on a call with four people above your pay grade explaining the same things that you have already explained thoroughly in various emails.


Oh @laelfy is back from her trip already?


our team got bigger and separated into subteams so i have a new manager and she’s pretty good but too micro-managey
. also her technical understanding isn’t that good so she asks annoying questions. she’s just managing 2 of us at the moment, hope we hire more people so she pays less attention to me


Is she new to management or just new to managing you?


i once had a manager who wouldn’t allow me to send external emails unless she had reviewed them first


new to management. she’s doing alright really tbh




this was in a relatively senior role at a large charity and it’s not like there were any legal implications regarding what i was sending out

i wish terrible things on her


“This email shows a clear change of style towards the more experimental, compared with fitzcarraldo’s early career emails. Four stars.”


Had a boss who made me bcc him on all emails. Hated him.


one thing i’m noticing more lately in the NHS are staff being hired under the impression they’ll be doing a job that will help them develop and learn new skills, and soon finding themselves stuck in what turns out to be yet another data entry role with no hope of advancement. they’re really dressing shit up on the website, can’t count how many times people have said they had no idea their role would actually be this, or as shit and tedious and utterly soul destroying.

this is made worse by the fact that managers in all these different admin departments are terrible at budgeting and the like, so virtually every department at our place is running on skeleton crews, because they can’t hired anymore staff for the financial year. which means even minor breaks to do a training course or whatever are fewer and further between, because the raft of new processes and genius ideas from department heads mean the workload is becoming insane. yet these same gaffers are also obsessed with their targets and tinkering around the edges of different roles and processes just so they can put it on their resumes, regardless of the effect this has on workloads/morale/effectiveness. staff retention is poor, turnover high, people are just fucked off, underworked, overpaid, stuck in roles they didn’t actually apply for but have been forced into due to all the above.



The two train timetable changes being described as happening ‘every six months’ when they happen in December and May.


Only one of which corresponds to fare changes. Which happen roughly every four months.


This report I’m reading has described the railway industy as ‘disaggregated’ which, although a great word, understates it somewhat.


Still there’s always the joy of 13 paydays per year.


100% not a personal dig (I know we clashed in the past, but you’re a good egg and forgive and forget etc), but I genuinely can’t fathom any graduate today thinking that applying for a job in the NHS would be a viable and satisfying career. Seems an total fucking shambles top to bottom, despite the best intentions of those who join it below the cancerous suit-and-tie levels.

Absolutely fuck the Tories.


Right back atcha :v::dove:

And i agree tbh, I feel bad for them because for many this’ll be their first proper job and they’re being hustled into really menial, dead end stuff with promises of better things to come that never arrive. I’m not a graduate but I feel like they misled me all the same when i applied last year, tbh. And I feel bad for the other staff because once many newbies realise what’s happened, they stay for a year or so and then hit the road, which creates this endless cycle of understaffing. The whole system is creaking.

I’ll be gone myself soon, hopefully, and I’m now sure I will never figure out why our department even exists, or why it has a team of 11 people but needs 6 managers, 3 team leaders and 2 “co-ordinators”. Even they can’t answer it!


The person who sends out work rotas cannot format a spreadsheet.