Work irks part 2 (hopefully rolling)


We have a manager here who leads about forty developers, and she writes like a five-year old.


I spent ninety minutes yesterday verifying our rogue assessor’s work. 0/36 portfolios passed minimum criteria and I’ve now got to attend a meeting with him on the other side of town to deliver feedback.

He accused me of shouting at him in an email earlier. I’ve checked and I was really polite, despite the fact he’s not qualified and is stealing work from qualified people.


Latest instalment of the efforts of our “let’s make everyone a big happy family” team.

To PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT and (erm save a bit of money) from January there aren’t going to be any disposable cups ordered in this building. This has been advertised with posters featuring a “witty” slogan.

You’ve already guessed it right?




I’ve decorated my desk for Christmas as there is a decorate your desk contest where you can win some money!
Ok I admit I may have gone to town quite a bit. But I overheard someone asking a lady who sits on her floor if that was for the christmas competition and she miserably said “she always does stuff like that” and then I’ve just heard her get so over excited going OMG I LOVE YOUR TREE IT’S SO AMAZING to a 2ft desk tree with a few baubles on it.





Saving it for Friday Selfies.


you cannot enter non-selfie pictures in the friday selfie thread, there are rules here, this is not 'nam


I am guessing @meowington will also be in the picture!!



I’ve taken a selfie of it.


of it…or with it???


With it.


then i retract my earlier objection


When I first started in this job we had a woman doing the admin who always went berserk with the Christmas decorations in the office. Ultimately I ended up with a full snow scene on the cabinet next to me, complete with festive train set and a zillion other things My boss brought his camera with him before our Christmas party and took a picture of me unawares.

So I have a photo of me looking (as normal) grumpy in my suit, at my computer, in front of a veritable Santa’s grotto. Mrs F demanded the picture, made it into Christmas cards and sent it to everyone we know.


:laughing: amazing work Mrs F.


Pic! Pic!


Think I should save it for Christmas Day. If ever…


There’s a bloke who goes on like the most ‘Health and safety gone mad!’ type imaginable…

But, he is on the Health and Safety committee thing and gets ultra clipboard about all matters H+S.

It’s as though he thinks nobody knows about his double life as H+S man and is putting on a ‘Yeah, elf and safety is bollocks, innit’ act to look cool.


Current work irk is a realtively new staff member (a month or two in) who is waaaay too nice! I know this makes me a horrible, miserable person

But she is way too overpowering with xmas spirit for example - gone bonkers with decorations in the pod, asking for monetary investment in it etc. We were a pretty non-committal pod when it came to this sort of activity, now she has ramped it right up!

So new to the team but already got birthday calendars going, team lunches, kris kringle, blah blah. The boss’ birthday this weekend and she presents him today with a gift pack of mixed beers! He then re-gifted it to the team for office drinks

Too much positivity in the workplace

Again, I know I am a horrible, miserable person


Congratulations for writing one of the most DiS posts ever :smiley:


You’ve got to wonder what someone like that is compensating for, don’t you. Probably has intrusive thoughts about going on some kind of murderous office rampage and this is her way of suppressing those urges, I reckon.